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May 2019 Connectathon Prep

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The following represents currently defined deliverables and milestones to get us prepared for the May 2019 HL7 FHIR Connectathon and Working Group Meeting in Montreal.


  • Laboratory Order Catalog FHIR Implementation Guide that should include:
    • An introduction outlining Catalog resources and profiles relevant to this IG
    • Documentation of use cases this IG aims to address
    • Completed resource definitions and associated profiles
      • Composition
      • Profile on Composition
      • Catalog Entry
      • ObservationDefinition
      • Profiles on ActivityDefinition
      • SpecimenDefinition
    • Proposed FHIR API (e.g., read, search, and relevant operations) for interacting with this catalog
    • Integration with CIMI work on laboratory results if relevant (ideally we present both IGs together)


  • Finalization of Catalog resources (CatalogEntry, ObservationDefinition, SpecimenDefinition, Composition)
  • Finalization of all associated resource profiles
  • Specification of search parameters and operations to support a laboratory catalog
  • Proposed conformance profiles for a laboratory catalog
  • Review of resources and profiles with FMG and other relevant working groups at HL7
  • Final enhancements of resources, profiles, and API based on community review
  • Write up of IG introduction and supporting material
  • Implementation of IG (a non-trivial task)
  • Publication of IG on site to allow for community review
  • Final enhancement of IG and preparation for submission to HL7
  • NIB for May, 2019
  • Ballot pool signup
  • Ballot reconciliation and preparation for next phase