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March 22nd 2017 Education Telecon

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  • Approve prior minutes and review agenda
  • Certification Status:
    • Review the Updated FHIR Cert PSSes.
      • Note: Some dates still need to be reviewed by FMG and Implementer's Committee will continue to review Credentialing one.
  • Madrid check in
  • Planning Sept grid
  • Review Education Dashboard
  • HL7 Education for Clinicians - status
  • Approve Ed2Go Questions
  • Approve v2.8 Study Guide
  • Report from HQ and others on active education initiatives from ed and marketing perspective

Call to Order

  • Call info: Wednesday, 4PM EDT Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270 Participant Passcode: 447895

GotoMeeting for HL7 Education:

  • Attendees: Sharon Kayne Chaplock, MaryAnne Boyle, Virginia Lorenzi, Melissa Mendivil, Fernando Campos, Susan Fenton

Meeting Minutes

Welcome Susan Fenton!

  • Susan is the Associate Dean for Education in Medical Informatics at UT.
  • Susan would like to know more about providing materials for instruction program in Medical Informatics - perhaps a train the trainer type program?
  • Mary Anne: Karen Van Hentenryck may be able to assist Susan with this request, we can make that introduction.
  • Melissa: How does HL7 fit into your program? Susan: Applied students will touch HL7 twice - 1 week on HL7 and 1 course entirely on standards.
  • Virginia has been encountering instructors of HL7 at Educational Institutions, Susan suggested that with a formal program, these instructors could be trained to instruct on HL7 approved material.
  • Virginia: We have a tutorial in Madrid related to HL7 Education at the University level - perhaps we can make this a webinar?

Approval of prior minutes:

  • Since our meetings have been sporadic since the January WGM, we will review offline and come to next meeting with notes which need to be approved.

Certification Status/PSS:

  • Melissa: Can we push out the FHIR certificate of knowledge now?
  • Virginia: We need to confirm with Grahame that the FHIR Management Group has the CoK completed.
  • We'll need to stand up a credentialing program to go with the more heavy weight FHIR test.

Madrid Check in:

  • Melissa, Fernando and Diego will be going to Madrid. 80 people registered so far.

Planning September Grid:

  • Mary Ann: We have 5 empty spots we can take advantage of for new classes.
  • To fill the empty slots for rooms in Sept, we can check our Education Ideas for new classes
  • Maybe in SD we offer FHIR for Clinicians and Decision Makers
  • If we have the FHIR CoK test done, we could offer the test prep and exam at the September WGM
  • Fernando: Education idea: Webinar or tutorial on differences between DTSU 2 and 3
  • Virginia: Education idea : Webinar or tutorial on Argonaut Spec
  • Melissa: if we can agree on the Newcomer's Webinar syllabus, we can move forward with getting this done for San Diego WGM

Approve 2.8 Study Guide

  • V2.8 Study Guide has been approved, so we can move forward on this for September - Melissa should notify the Standards group of the error she found in the 2.8 specification.

Approve Ed2Go Questions

  • Melissa and Fernando commit to give feedback by next meeting.

HL7 for Clinicians

  • We meet with CIC tomorrow to continue discussions with Anita Walden.
  • HL7 for Clinicians - Susan would be willing to review any new syllabus we propose

Action Items

  • Review Meeting minutes offline to see which need approved
  • Virginia will follow up with FMG to see if we can move forward on the CoK for FHIR
  • Virginia will review the Newcomer Webinar syllabus to approve
  • Melissa to review the v2 Ed2Go Question, Fernando will also review for next meeting
  • Melissa will send error found in 2.8 Std to INF WG co chairs.

Melissa moves to adjourn Mary Ann seconds

Meeting adjourned at 5:09 pm EST

Next Meeting Date and Time: 4/5/17 4:00 pm EST Location: conference call Agenda: TBD