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Madrid May 2017

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  • business icon - business
  • ballot reconciliation icon - ballot reconciliation
  • technical icon - technical
  • / = joint session

Day Date ' Time Icon Event Chair Scribe Room
Sunday May 7 PM Q3 technical icon Vocabulary
  • Agenda planning
  • Vocabulary tutorial framework
Q4 technical icon Vocabulary
  • Workgroup project review
  • Action item review and status
Monday May 8 AM Q1 technical icon Vocab
  • Mini-Plenary, no meeting
Q2 technical icon Vocab
  • Universal Terminology Governance
PM Q3 business icon Vocab
  • Value set expansion
Q4 technical icon Vocab
  • TermInfo
Q5 business icon Co-Chair dinner/Steering divisions
Tuesday May 9 AM Q1 business icon

technical icon

  • Review value sets shared between V3 and FHIR
  • planning for R4 - sweep of scope, open issues, and maturity planning
  • start discussion around curation/approval/publication of code systems / value sets / concept maps
Q2 technical icon Vocab (Hosting)/Structured docs
  • Review of output from "Updating C-CDA value sets" project
PM Q3 technical icon Vocab (hosting)/FHIR Infrastructure
  • Rework HL7 FHIR terminology tools and processes
  • summary of where we are (Ted/Lloyd/Grahame)
  • definition of success (Ted)
  • strawman candidate for going forward (Grahame)
Q4 technical icon Vocab/Patient Care (hosting)
Wednesday May 10 AM Q1 technical icon Vocab (Hosting)/MnM/FHIR
  • FHIR terminology items
  • planning for R4 + curation discussions + other open issues
Q2 technical icon Vocab (Hosting)/MnM
  • Vocabulary maintenance process
PM Q3 technical icon Vocab/V2 Publishing (Hosting)
Q4 ballot reconciliation icon Vocab
  • Glossary
Thursday May 11 AM Q0 business icon Vocab
Q1 technical icon Vocab (Hosting)/CGIT/InM
  • ISO 11179 topics
Q2 technical icon Vocab (Hosting)/CGIT
  • Binding semantics
PM Q3 technical icon Vocab (Hosting)/CGIT/CIMI
Q4 technical icon Vocab
  • Co-chair planning for San Diego
Ted Jim
Q5 technical icon Co-Chairs
  • Thursday night facilitator roundtable
Attending Chairs:
Friday May 12 AM Q1 business icon HTA/SGB
  • General business
Attending: Heather, Ted, Rob M. NA
Q2 business icon HTA/SGB
  • General business
Attending: Heather, Ted, Rob M. NA
PM Q3 No Meeting
Q4 No Meeting