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#''(05 min)'' Roll Call
#Roll Call
#''(05 min)'' Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda
#Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda
#''(15 min)'' '''May 2011 Use cases'''
#'''May 2011 Use cases'''
#''(5 min)'' '''Other Business'''
#'''Other Business'''
=Discussion Notes=
=Discussion Notes=

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DCM for Medical Devices Meeting

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Meeting Information

Meeting Information



  1. Catherine Hoang
  2. John Rhoads
  3. Ioana Singureanu
  4. Jan Wittenber



  1. Roll Call
  2. Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda
  3. May 2011 Use cases
  4. Other Business

Discussion Notes

Ioana introduced the new wiki page with May 2011 Use Cases in the area of associating patient identity with device data


Jan asked about the relationship between these and the new work project starting up in IHE Patient Care Devices on Patient Identity Management (PIM for short). Detailed profile and other material from Todd Cooper at

There was general discussion of the various challenges in the use case scenarios enumerated and the possible need for a more inclusive general modeling framework at a higher level. Catherine brought up patient transfer as a complex change of context, the analysis of which brings out a wide range of issues at a more granular level. Jan proposes to work up a transfer use case for discussion.

All interested parties are encouraged to use the wiki page DCM4MD:Project_Use_Cases to study, add to, comment on using the discussion page.

Action Items

Transfer use case (Jan)

Look for relationships with IHE PCD Patient Identity Management work {Ioana]

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