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List of template registries

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Below is a list of sites which contain (in one way or another) lists of templates, archetypes or other forms of small applied clinical models.


  1. openEHR archetypes It is hosted within an archetype (and soon template/termset) collaborative review tool which has full version control. Registration is free and open. "Feel free to have a look around. We are finding this to be a very useful tool which allows non-technical clinicians to review, discuss and adapt archetypes." -- Dr Ian McNicoll
  1. searchable openEHR archetypes Ocean Informatics openEHR archetypes
  2. NHS archetypes
  3. MIAS pages Contains some native EHRcom/13606 archetypes.


  1. IHE Technical Framework archetypes Lot of archetypes hidden in the documents linked to on this page
  2. CDA Section Templates - IHE Wiki
  3. The IHE XDS


  1. Trim Browser
  2. WikiHITTolven templates


  1. HL7 Templates WG documents DCM top 10
  2. CCD Final Specs Continuity of Care Documents
  3. William's archetypes. The dutch OIZ-organisation is responsible for this now.


  1. [work underway for a standard for DCM quality criteria and methodologies. For information contact for William Goossen as project leader]


  1. ClinicalElement Repository of Stan Huff's clinical elements
  2. CCMManager Korea-based sites with clinical concepts
  3. Eenheid van Taal List of Dutch national detailed clinical models
  4. Official Site of Scottisch NHS
  5. Scottisch NHS Templates from the Scottish NHS, but alternate link
  6. DEED Ask Sam DEED page. Looks like archetypes, but what is this?
  7. DCMWiki Craig Parker's site
  8. VHIM US Department of Veteran affairs templates
  9. HCLS An OWL-based view of DCM's
  10. OpenVista OpenVista CIS templates
  11. Google Health Data API CCR Reference
  12. HealthVault Thing Types

Mailinglists that discuss this topic

  1. HL7 Patient Care
  2. DetailedClinicalModels
  3. HL7 Template Registry (to be renamed to Repository)


  1. Standards for detailed clinical models as the basis for medical data exchange and decision support
  2. Paper by Stan Huff for Intermountain Health
  3. Detailed clinical models for sharable, executable guidelines. Parker CG, Rocha RA, Campbell JR, Tu SW, Huff SM
  4. Brisbane workshop report
  5. Using detailed clinical models to bridge the gap between clinicians and HIT. Goossen WT. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2008;141:3-10. PMID: 18953119 (PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE) request via