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Lab UV SB Revise

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Universal Storyboard - Revise, Hold, Abort

Eve Everywoman, a 27-year-old female, as an inpatient at Good Health Hospital and is 
attended by Dr. Patricia Primary. Dr. Primary checked Eve into the hospital yesterday 
when Eve lost consciousness during a routine exam in the Doctor’s office.  Eve reports 
a history of Anemia and recent, excessive tiredness.  Dr. Primary enters a request to 
check the iron levels in Eve’s blood into her care system.  Dr. Primary’s care system 
then sends the test requests to the Good Health Hospital’s Laboratory service.  A few
minutes later, Dr. Primary determines to add a CBC (twice a day for the next 3 days) to
the prior ordered iron level test.   Dr. Primary updates the request and Dr. Primary’s
care system send the updated request to the lab system.

The laboratory service collects the appropriate specimens (2) on the first day and
enters the results into the lab which communicates them to Dr. Primary’s care system.

Dr. Primary determines on the second day, to hold all future testing and collection of
blood for the CBC tests.

Dr. Primary determines to discharge Eve on the third day (since the original CBC order)
so the order is canceled (aborted).

Business Process

The business processes shown in the storyboard above are meant to show the primary business triggers for information exchanges between care sites and laboratory testing services.

Storyboard Objects

This storyboard illustrates additional request object states: ClinicalRequestSTM.PNG

Though each of the two new states is relatively simple in concept, they add a few more state transitions to/from those states. Note that all request states are just that, requested. There are a number of reasons for a place to request cancellation of an order. However, the laboratory does not always honor the request to cancel the request; whether it does so depends on a combination of whether the specimen has already been collected, the expense of the testing process, and how the laboratory is paid.

Note that the repeating request is actually broken into individual requests, each of which is processed separately and each go through the same request/fulfillment pattern (therefore the result object state machine doesn’t change as a function of these request object states).

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