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Canadian Storyboard – Jurisdictional Lab Information System

Dr. Patricia Primary orders a set of tests on Eve Everywoman.  Dr. Primary’s care system sends the order to the local-area 
lab repository.  Dr. Primary’s care system prints a paper copy of the order requisition that tells her where she can have
specimens collected and the testing performed.  Eve can attend any laboratory to have the tests done – whichever one she chooses.

When Eve actually presents at the laboratory of her choice, the laboratory system connects to the central broker and retrieves
the order. The lab information informs the central broker that it is performing the tests (promise).  The broker system sends
the performing lab information to Dr Primary’s care system.

Note this storyboard is just a fragment to document a specific process issue.

Business Process

The Canadian business process includes the possibility of a third-party collection agent whom is neither the ordering provider nor the performing laboratory. In this process the communication to the regional laboratory repository, called the Jurisdiction Lab Information System, follows the specimen. If the provider collects the specimen, a contracted lab will receive the specimen and appropriate identifiers which will allow that lab to query the JLIS for the order. If the patient uses a third-patry collection agent, the patient will be able to provider patient identity and provider identification information which will allow the specimen collector to query for the order(s) so proper specimen(s) can be collected. Once the specimen is collected, that agent will be contracted with a lab which will perform the testing. The lab will receive the specimen and identifiers and can query the JLIS for the order(s).

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