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Australian Storyboard - Follow-up Testing (Revise Order)

One week after the initial consultation, Eve is again seen by Dr Patricia. After review of
the results and the course of Eve’s condition, Dr Patricia decides that another lab test would
be useful. Rather than asking Eve to go to the collection center again, Dr Patricia types the
test into her system as a follow up test. Dr Patricia’s care system sends this request to the
lab system, which replies, promising to perform this new test and whether the remaining volume
of the current specimen is sufficient to complete the follow-up test(s).

Note this storyboard is just a fragment to document a specific process issue.

Business Process

You could simply say that this is a new request, with a new promise. But in Australia there are legal requirements in many jurisdictions about this, and some specify that such follow up testing is logically done as a modification of the previous request. In these circumstances, it is much simpler to treat the follow up test as changing the status of the original test and adding new order components. And this can happen at any time, even after the request has been completed.

This adds two state transitions to the request object, and there are similar additions to the promise state machine. File:RequestFollowup.PNG