LHS May 2017 Madrid (Spain) Agenda

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  • Co-chairs
    • Russ Leftwich, MD (attending)
    • John Roberts (Interim, attending)
  • Topics
    • Care Team DAM

Agenda Overview (tentative)

Day Date Time Icon

Monday Chair Scribe Room
Monday May 8 Q1-2 PLENARY
Q4 Business med.gif CT DAM Russ Leftwich John Roberts Marsella
Wednesday Chair Scribe Room
Wednesday May 10 Q1 NO MEETING
Q2 Business med.gif TBD Russ Leftwich John Roberts
Thursday Chair Scribe Room
Thursday May 11 Q1 JOINT w/PC, FHIR-I


  • Business med.gif Business meeting
  • Reconciliation med.gif Ballot Reconciliation meeting
  • Technical med.gif Technical discussion