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LHS Jan 2016 Orlando Agenda

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  • Co-chairs
    • Monday - NO MEETING
    • Tuesday - Q1 and Q2 (Mark and Russ)
    • Wednesday - NO MEETING
    • Thursday - NO MEETING
    • Friday - NO MEETING
  • Potential Topics
    • TBD

Day Date Time Icon Event Chair Scribe Room
Sunday January 10 Q1 NO MEETING
Monday Chair Scribe Room
Monday January 11 Q1 Business med.gif MEETING
  • Agenda Review
    • Update SDWG 3 Year Plan
    • Update on current ballot - number of comments and planned ballot reconciliation
    • SWOT
    • Expiring Standards
    • Review PBS metrics and work group health
    • Upcoming ballots
    • Presentation on any new projects
    • Co-chair availability
    • SDWG co-chair openings
      • Write in candidates statements
  • TBD
Q3 Business med.gif MEETING
  • Pharmacist eCare Plan
  • TBD
Q4 Business med.gif HOST PHER
  • TBD
Tuesday Chair Scribe Room
Tuesday January 12 Q1 Business med.gif JOINT with CQI (CQI Hosting)
  • Act Mood Criteria deprecated in RIM 2.35
Q2 Technical med.gif JOINT with Vocab (Vocab HOSTING)
  • C-CDA Value set definition maintenance discussion
  • How do we create Concept domains for CDA R2.1 in RIM 2.35
  • Universal Binding of Human Language in RIM 2.35 - what does CDA do?
  • Binding syntax update
Q3 Technical med.gif HOST ITS/MnM/Publishing/Tooling
  • Act Mood Criteria deprecated in RIM 2.35
    • Negation is similar
  • Plans to change languageCode cs to cv in CDA R2.1
Q4 Technical med.gif HOST FHIR
  • TBD
Wednesday Chair Scribe Room
Wednesday January 13 Q1 Technical med.gif MEETING, Send representative to PC (child health topics, not a joint session)
  • TBD
Q2 Technical med.gif MEETING
  • TBD
Q3 Technical med.gif MEETING
  •  ? Send Representatives Pharmacy (Not a JOINT meeting)
Q4 Technical med.gif MEETING, Send representatives to Patient Care (Allergy/Intolerance discussion)
  • TBD
Thursday Chair Scribe Room
Thursday January 14 Q1 Technical med.gif HOST Imaging, Send Representative to PCWG (RGeimer)
  • TBD
Q2 Technical med.gif JOINT w/PC, Templates (PC Hosting)
  • TBD
Q3 Technical med.gif HOST FHIR, Send Representative to Clinic Statement (not a joint session)
  • TBD
Q4 Technical med.gif MEETING
  • TBD
Friday Chair Scribe Room
Friday January 15 Q1 Technical med.gif Joint w/Templates, PC (Templates hosting)
  • TBD
Q2 Technical med.gif MEETING
  • CDA R2.1 - tentatively cancelled


  • Business med.gif Business meeting
  • Reconciliation med.gif Ballot Reconciliation meeting
  • Technical med.gif Technical discussion