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Jurisdiction ELR Specifications

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Senders complain that the various ELR receiving jurisdictions have too many differing reporting format specifications, creating a large burden on sites that must send to multiple jurisdictions. To allow an understanding and analysis of the magnitude of this problem, I suggest that we collect on this page links to as many of these differing specifications as we can find. People can add discussion points to this page.

I note that most of the specs on this page will probably be for HL7 2.3.z and 2.3.1 ORU_R01 message formats. Although we will be able to learn from comparing these specs, it is probably not worthwhile harmonizing them; rather, the lessons here may help us avoid similar pain points in our upcoming 2.5.1 specs.


New York State and New York City

(Although New York City is a distinct reporting jurisdiction, NYC labs are directed to report to New York State's Electronic Clinical Laboratory Reporting System (ECLRS); the NYC reports are extracted and downloaded to NYC via a PHINMS link.)

  • Laboratory Reporting Requirements (oriented to Laboratorians, not IT)
  • ECLRS specifications (not available publicly; I will try to upload a copy or create a publicly accessible link).

Washington State

WA State does not have an ELR specification per se. We work with whatever HL7 version a lab can send, and the required content for both paper and electronic reports is specified in our reportable conditions rules at Chapter 246-101 WAC. Note: these rules have recently been revised; the new rules will go into effect 02/04/2011 and will be posted at that time. The revised rules include changes to the required report content.