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[[Community-Based_Collaborative_Care|Back to CBCC Main Page]]
[[Community-Based_Collaborative_Care|Back to CBCC Main Page]]
Today's CBCC Meeting was canceled
#''(05 min)'' Roll Call, Call for additional agenda items & Accept Agenda. 
#*Minutes from [ June 22nd CBCC WG Meeting]
#''(55 min)'' Potential New Project(s)
#*Map out types of deliverables, time line, potential collaborators - i.e., stuff that would go into a project scope statement
#*Brief overview of the FHIM project and Behavioral Health Information Model
#*Potential for collaboration
#**Electronic Health Records (EHR) WG: They are working on a Core Data elements project within the EHR functional model and this could feed that effort
#**Patient Care WG: Worthwhile to share the work CBCC/FHIM has been doing with them.  Patient Care does not hold weekly meetings, so need to coordinate with co-chairs to get on their agenda
*'''Ongoing Projects'''
* Privacy Policy Reference Catalog
**To resume once the PASS Audit work is wrapped up
===1. Action Items===
===2. Resolutions===
===3. Updates/Discussion===
[[Community-Based_Collaborative_Care|Back to CBCC Main Page]]

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Community-Based Collaborative Care Working Group Meeting

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Today's CBCC Meeting was canceled