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June 25, 2013 DS4P

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Data Segmentation for Privacy

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  1. Implementation Guide (IG) front matter - Ioana
    1. CDA content profile
    2. Direct profile
    3. Exchange profile
  2. Edit/revise specific constraints - Ioana
  3. Edit/revise the value sets/terminology aspects of the IG - Ioana

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Meeting Minutes

We will be developing a boilerplate of the xxx and constraints for the DS4P IG.

We have a group of folks with business contact and background information on who can work on the constraints. We are currently looking at any remaining ballot comments…

Is familiar with the MDHT tools?

Kathleen had a suggestion of how to capture that kind of information to solicit feedback on how people can submit their content and add the content in detail. We discussed the information on wed

We would like to schedule a meeting: workshop and recruit some people on how to use the tool.

Kathleen did mention this at the beginning of the cool. We need to figure out the structure of the front matter … get rid of this and add this and then assign who can support and finding the right format for people to contribute in. We can come out the XML and keep that for the workshop. Probably we can find folks but I don’t think this is a showstopper.

Do we want to follow up with e-mails for this particular folk; the co-chairs need to help guide the process. We’ll work through ---coordinate through the co-chairs, writing assignment to folks; it’s a very short timeline. We need to make the e-mailer…aware of the timeline. And to respond with their contribution Brian; in the future will be a volunteer---too new to be productive at the moment for helping out

We have a lot of text from the DS4P documentation… IF IT Turns out we do not have sufficient contributions, we can resolve the format—which is part of the xx anyway. Theoretically we can resolve this later on through a recirculation ballot and not change the draft and have us sound too dire. Mike/maybe what we need is a smaller group to sit down and go through the spec and make into chewable chunks, we cannot general statement, and we need specifics to work from. We need to have a couple of people who are familiar with the spec and work with the co-chairs and triage what needs to be done. We’ve covered the general content sections last time, so I’m not expecting someone to say give me x and x, lets break it out into something management

We can even do this over e-mail; logically two large parts; formatter and constraint (similarly for the content profile; exchange and direct… we look at that is in the DS4P and rewrite, we can find people to take that portion of the document.. have people look at the constrain… we can break out into 6 area of interest. And that means that you have volunteers and you have a specific interest in the area and provide us feedback. Those folks who have been on for a while… and have issues then they could provide their known comments 6 CDA constraints Direct profile front matter Direct constraints Exchange profile front matter Constraint...constrians…? <Missing> Be more business oriented would most likely comment on the front matter

Can this be accomplished over e-mail; at that point we can break out into separate calls as well…

Mike would be comfortable to be on a call that would be comfortable on this, do this prepatory activity. The problem is that the way is laid out now is that topics are all over the place. We will need to reorganize the tasks in a logical path Is there another way to get into or even around the MDHS tooling? There is one task that we need to break out the tasks… …that would be a commitment hurdle. Look at DS4P IG as a way of reorganizing it… on every page there is both front matter and constrains…a mix. If we are looking at the front matter and what part is relevant to the implements and that is a tutorial in itself. If we have folks that want to do different tops, work and refactoring... if we have a sundry front matter then we can pull this into the tool

On the other hand, I’m happy and willing to working on whatever is tasked to me—that would be appreciated. But content rules over form. The pilot project may be very … Mike’s suggestion is three of them to get together and do this on Friday… (No later than 4pm EST)

Mike is available 12-2 EST which will work for both Kathleen & Ioana… gotomeeting Ioana can send information; schedule for 2 hours… we want to complete, but is okay to end early. Mike would also like someone else who has implemented this as well… We can classify and …23:14 (‘’DRAFT… additional notes in progress)’’ Meeting adjourned at 3:36

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