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June 19, 2018 CBCP Conference Call

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Community-Based Care and Privacy (CBCP) Working Group Meeting

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Meeting Information

Dial-in Number:  (515) 604-9861; Access Code: 429554
* International Dial-in Numbers:

* Online Meeting Link: 
* Click on Join an Online Meeting Enter Online Meeting ID:  cbhs 
* Follow prompts if not automatically connected

Please be aware that teleconference meetings are recorded to assist with creating meeting minutes

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Member Name x Member Name x Member Name x Member Name
x Johnathan ColemanCBCP Co-Chair x Suzanne Gonzales-Webb CBCP Co-Chair x Jim Kretz CBCP Co-Chair x David Pyke CBCP Co-Chair
. Kathleen Connor Security Co-Chair . Mike Davis . John Moehrke Security Co-Chair x Diana Proud-Madruga
. Chris Shawn . Neelima Chennamaraja x Joe Lamy . Greg Linden
x Irina Connelly . Saurav Chowdhury . Dave Silver x Francisco Jauregui
. [mailto:] . Amber Patel . Becky Angeles . Jennifer Brush
. Mohammad Jafari . Ali Khan . Ken Salyards . Ken Sinn
. David Staggs . Mark Meadows . Ioana Singureanu . Beth Pumo

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  1. Roll Call, Agenda Review
  2. Meeting Minutes approval: June 12, 2018
  3. eLTSS Update - Irina / Becky
  4. FHIR Security Project Update - Johnathan / John Moehrke

Meeting Minutes DRAFT

6/19 -temporary recording:

e-mail from John Moehrke
FYI: A nicely written article by Jamie Olivares on the FHIR Consent resource and some of the implementation issues left to the implementer. 
The article is published here:

Meeting Minutes / June 12 approval (discussion)

  • comment only: "not updated in about a month and a half to be clarified for Meeting Minutes approval: June 12, 2018 (completed/Suzanne)

June 12 meeting minutes motion to approve - Jim/Diana Abstain: none; Oppose: none, Minutes approved: 7


  • No CPs at this moment
  • FHIR Consent - after discussion with Grahame the consent profile on contract has been assigned to the CBCP WG previously unowned (and not updated on site since 2014); with the infrequency that FM meetings have now decided that CBCP is the appropriate home.
  • Kathleen has been involved in the contract for consent work
  • ONC Patient Choice Technical project has been piloting the consent for research activities; ongoing efforts
    • FHIR consent resource is the accepted path for consent use within he FHIR project and FHIR server; the contract profile has been verging on the deprecate line for some time; the ONC needs to be looked at
  • the FMG and FHIR contract profile is a useful source document to be attached to FHIR consent but not a method for FHIR consent disclosure
  • we should reach out to the pilot and to show what we've done and show how it's actually being used instead of the perception of how they're using
  • the piloting and moving forward with that work--ONC is getting close to getting where we can show that information
  • Dave needs to get in touch with the person (ACTION: Johnathan to relay contact information) to show the information to CBCP
    • mention of clinical approval and be happy with it
    • working pilots on granular choice/granular consent and consent for research…
      • per Dave interesting that the information is being done with FHIR consent resource...
      • will be helpful in the international review as well


  • currently FHIR Dev Days - everything FHIR is on hold; no GDPR-FHIR meeting on Monday (people on travel)
  • GDPR-FHIR analysis will resume next week

eLTSS - Irina or Becky

  • Sections 2 and 3 of the white paper have been distributed for content review by the CBCP membership
  • section 4 to be produced by next week; along with draft appendices
  • double check with Melva on PSS status (nothing received back to date)
    • we need the project number for the NIB; need to wait for PSS approval first.

FHIR Security

  • work is almost complete
  • ended up complete review end to end of Key Privacy and Security Considerations for Healthcare APIs document, produced by ONC as a result of implementation of the security reviews for the various ‘’Sync for Science’’
  • those best practices that were deemed relevant and appropriate for updating the security and privacy pages were discussed
    • eight proposed changes for the five security pages; two come from the meetings in April (TLS) and input validation
  • May 8 meeting there were an additional four other recommendations, based access control for identify proofing, credentialing, authenticators, and authorization
  • last meeting added two more one on data protections error message discloses and DNs security

at least six of the eight have been forwarded as CPs and the other two will be entered with write up from John Moehrke

  • a final discussion and once voted on should be complete; nice additions to the security pages which needed a refresh.
  • if there is a list of open CPs please send over so that the CBCP WG can review

additional agenda items? None mentioned

remove FHIR security project update - topic to be removed as standing agenda item after June 26 meeting

Meeting adjourned at 0923 --Suzannegw (talk) 13:23, 19 June 2018 (EDT)