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June 15, 2016 Education Telecon

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  • MaryAnne Boyle
  • Sharon Chaplock
  • Virginia Lorenzi
  • Heather Graham
  • Patrick
  • Melissa Mendivil


  • Met


  • Call to Order
  • Review meeting minutes from previous meeting - moved to approve
  • Review action items from previous meeting


  • Sharon - we need some ideas on who and what would be included for these to be offered:
    • MU Webinars: Virginia is teaching an MU/MIPS class in September, and this might be able to be converted to a webinar.
    • Vocabulary Webinars - How shall we break this up?
      • Virginia - We could divide this into 2 part connected series as opposed to stand alone.
      • Sharon - These webinars are typically 60-90 minutes, so we could divide where there is a natural break.
      • Since it takes development time to roll these classes out (once every 2 months) - maybe we need to wait until the whole series is developed and then roll out closer together rather than offer them as they are developed.
    • All other webinars scheduled are on webpage
    • HL7 for Clinicians: we need ideas for this

September WGM Brochure Updates

  • Mary Anne - Brochure still not done - last two contributors should have submissions in by end of week.

Certification Updates

  • Professional Cert - no new updates
  • Arden Syntax - Sharon has put together a new competency survey that is undergoing review
  • FHIR Cert - no new updates

PSS for One Day Summit

  • This has now passed SD
  • Next Steps: Will need to identify a beta event

Mission statement review

  • we can review this together on a call via GoTo Meeting or at a WGM

January Grid-work

  • Ideally approve this before Sept. meeting so we can socialize at luncheon and begin editing after WGM
  • Will use GoTo Meetings for work on this
  • Group prefers to get through September Meeting before starting this work
  • Definitely include FHIR


Action Items

  • Melissa and Virginia to discuss possible pilot PSS event
  • MaryAnne to send Melissa tutorial specifications
  • Melissa and Heather to review FHIR tutorial blurbs
  • Virginia to send query to Clinician Listserv re: learning objectives for HL7 for Clinicians webinar