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===Mission statement review===
===Mission statement review===
*we can review this together on a call or a WGM
===January Grid-work ===
===January Grid-work ===

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  • Melva Peters
  • MaryAnne Boyle
  • Fernando Campos
  • Virginia Lorenzi
  • Heather Graham
  • Melissa Mendivil



Fall Webinar Series (requested by Sharon, when and who)

  • MU Series
  • Vocabulary Series

HL7 for clinicians

September Grid, brochure, specifications

  • MaryAnne: Current challenge - brochure deadline last week
  • Outstanding title/descriptions that need consensus from authors
  • We may need to go with what we already have for the hard copies due to time constraints, we can edit soft copies if needed

Certification Updates

  • Professional Cert - no new updates
  • Arden Syntax - Sharon has put together a new competency survey that is undergoing review
  • FHIR Cert - Diego and Graham were working together on a base FHIR certification. May be difficult to create a certification on something that is not a standard.
  • If the Education WG pursues a certification track, we will need to create a project.

PSS for One Day Summit

  • This has now passed SD - done through e-vote as upcoming meetings were cancelled due to holidays
  • Next Steps: Goes to TSC for vote/approval (this may take a couple weeks)


  • Analysis - ongoing

Report from HQ

Mission statement review

  • we can review this together on a call or a WGM

January Grid-work

  • Adjournment

Action Items