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<tr><td>Draft document for FTF<td>all<td>ftf meeting<td>
<tr><td>Draft document for FTF<td>all<td>ftf meeting<td>
<tr><td>Fill out draft of item 2<td>Harold Solbrig<td>1 week<td>
<tr><td>Fill out draft of item 2<td>Harold Solbrig<td>1 week<td>Done
<tr><td>Fill out item 4<td>David Aronow<td>1 week<td>
<tr><td>Fill out item 4<td>David Aronow<td>1 week<td>Done
<tr><td>Discussion of item 3<td>Jim<td>1 week<td>
<tr><td>Discussion of item 3<td>Jim<td>1 week<td>
<tr><td>Slides for FTF<td><td>ftf meeting<td>
<tr><td>Slides for FTF<td><td>ftf meeting<td>

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June 1, 2005 Teleconference

Time: 2:00 to 3:00 PM Eastern Time Convert
Phone #: (877)407-0183
PassCode: 764591#



With the exception of the part below, the discussion was incorporated directly into the web pages

Point 5 from May 27 discussion
5) Outline of our deliverables to VCDE workspace:

a) define a vocabulary of missing value reasons that CDEs can draw

from. This is likely to be a hierarchy.

b) develop recommendations to CDE developers. They will need to wrestle

with MV vs. MVR.

One possibility: include MV (e.g., unknown, not specified) in the

permissible values

And/Or create a linked CDE for the MVR - with values chosen from the

vocabulary in (a).

It seems probable that we will need some way in the caDSR for

linking a CDE with a CDE for the MVR.

c) develop recommendations for the architecture ws on how MV and MVR for

fields are linked in the messaging layer.

David - CDE developer needs to be able to specify MV in field, MVR as separate field or neither

Action Items:

Draft document for FTFallftf meeting
Fill out draft of item 2Harold Solbrig1 weekDone
Fill out item 4David Aronow1 weekDone
Discussion of item 3Jim1 week
Slides for FTFftf meeting