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July 13 2016 Education Telecon

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Call to Order

  • Call and Gotomeeting info:

Wednesday, 4PM EDT Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270 Participant Passcode: 447895

  • Attendees:

Melva Peters, Sharon Kayne Chaplock, Virginia Lorenzi, Melissa Mendivil, Mary Anne Boyle, Melanie Hilliard, John Ritter, Heather Grain, Diego

Review prior minutes

  • Corrections to prior minutes:
    • Facilitator class will be right after WGM
    • Vocabulary will be 3 part series in November
    • Heather moved to approve, Sharon seconded
    • Melva, John, Diego abstained

New Webinar/Class/Education Ideas

  • Progress on Facilitator Training - tutorial complete
  • Vocabulary(timing)- this will be a series in November
  • HL7 for Clinicians - we will schedule time at the WGM to speak with the Clinician WG. However, is this is correct audience? Melanie Hilliard suggested an introduction to the new CMIO group that would be attending the WGM.
  • Vocabulary Webinar: 3 part series, offer once per week in November
  • Special topics on education (Virginia) - samples: Our fundamentals class, backwards learning, assessments, case-based learning, activated classrooms, hybrid learning, gamification, etc.

Vote on TSC Rep

  • vote was completed

WGM Preparations

Education Time on other WG agendas (FHIR, Clinicians, Arden, other) Presentation at co-chair dinner? Review of free track (Melissa)

Certification Updates

  • Professional Certification
  • Arden Syntax
  • Status on class for how to write certification tests
  • FHIR Cert status.

PSS for One Day Summit

  • Prior action item: Melissa and Virginia to discuss possible pilot PSS event
  • Status
  • Need Beta

January Grid-work

  • Related action items:
    • MaryAnne to send Melissa tutorial specifications
    • Melissa and Heather to review FHIR tutorial blurbs

Education Marketing Ideas (Melissa)

  • Melissa met with Melanie Hilliard re: opportunities for placement of certification links on pages with heavy traffic. Melanie will be following up on permissions for links to certifications on corresponding standards pages, as well as reminders for the ability to certify at the WGMs.


  • Status

Other reports from headquarters

Mission statement review

  • recommend we table till WGM