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July 09, 2013 Security WG Conference Call

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Security Working Group Meeting

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  1. (05 min) Roll Call, Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda
  2. (15 min) Security and Privacy R1_N1 2013May ballot comments - Tony Weida
  3. (15 min) Item2
  4. (15 min) Item3
  5. (05 min) Other Business

Meeting Minutes

Roll Call, Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda - Minutes from Prior Week’s Meeting will be presented at the next meeting as Suzanne was out of office on vacation.

Security and Ontology Security and Privacy R1_N1 2013May ballot comments- Tony Weida presented changes to the hierarchy based on the approved suggestions from the week prior. Tony made updates to the sources based on multiple sources. Some of the descriptions/definitions come from the domain analysis, some from the HL7 Operation Vocabulary, and some come from obligatory policy value set and some were added from the ballot comments.

There was discussion on the The difference between archive, create, delete, execute, read, update, purge, and remove hold a different meaning for a lot of people. John’s Issue with the definitions listed: You have placed these inside the ontology, but these items can’t be categorized in the ontology. The alternative is that we leave out of the list, the objects that are not obviously a singular child of something. This is not identifiable within this hierarchy.

The group consensus is that the classes should be revisited if progress is to be made on ontology.

Other Business- Motion was made to move the Security WG Conference Call from 5pm eastern on Tuesdays to 3pm eastern on Tuesdays. The motion was moved by Kathleen Connor and second by Duane Decouteau. The motion passed 0-0-11.

Action Items

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