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January 26th 2010 Security Conference Call

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Security Work Group Weekly Conference Call

Meeting Information



  1. (05 min) Roll Call & Call for Additional Agenda Items
  2. (25 min) Phoenix WGM Meeting Update
  3. (10 min) Plan for next week's agenda items


  • Quorum was met. Some confusion as to whether this week’s meeting was still on the agenda which may account for the low turn-out for today’s meeting

1. Action Items - N/A

2. Resolutions - N/A

3. Announcements - N/A

4. Updates/Discussion

  • Ballot Reconciliation:
    • All three ballots being tracked by these workgroups passed during the Phoenix WGM. This meeting remained on the calendar in the event we needed additional time to finish reconciliation
    • Ballot spreadsheets will be posted on the ballot site as well and on GForge by Monday, Feb 1
      • Formal requests to withdraw negative votes will be sent out by the WG co-chairs once the ballot comments have been posted
  • Project Scope statements for new projects will be submitted by deadline 31 January 2010
    • Revised Security DAM – DSTU ballot intended for May, September if content deadline cannot be made for May
    • Security & Privacy Ontology, not intended for May 2010 ballot
      • Privacy Templates project scope statement is currently in draft and will not be submitted by this Sunday’s deadline, and is not intended for the May 2010 ballot
  • Risk Assessment process will be published as soon as John is officially able to update the HL7 site
    • A number of folks were unable to make the presentation at the Phoenix WG, so it was suggested that John presents again in a future meeting.
    • Education track for Boston Sept 2010
    • Pilots between now and then to gain experience
      • CDA R2 IG for Consent Directives
      • Medical Device Security in Distributed Systems

Meeting was adjourned at 2:00 PM EST