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January 2018 WGM New Orleans; Jan 27 to Feb 8

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New Orleans WGM - Jan 2018 Patient Care WG Meeting Draft/Approved agenda:
NOTE- to view WGM meeting minutes: follow the link for each quarter in Event column of the agenda below

Attendee List


Day Time Qtr Room # Event Host Joining Chair Scribe
Jan 28
Day Time   Room # Event Host Joining Chair Scribe
Jan 29
AM Q1 Windsor - 3rd Floor 20 * Agenda: PCWG Admin Patient Care Michelle Michael Tan
Q2 Jefferson Ballroom - 3rd Floor 20
Patient Care Accepted: SD, FHIR-I,EC Michael Jay
Q2b TBD NA Podiatry Functional Profile Head EHR NA TBD
PM Q3 Jefferson Ballroom - 3rd Floor NA * Agenda: Mega Report Out
* Meeting notes - refer to EHRWG meeting minutes
* PCWG presentation slide deck: insert here
EHR Accepted: Patient Care NA Jay/Laura - Present; Emma - Scribe
Q4 Commerce - 3rd Floor NA * Agenda: Joint Session with FHIR & OO on FHIR workflow FHIR-I Accepted: PC NA Emma
Day Time   Room # Event Host Joining Chair Scribe
Jan 30
AM Q1 Jefferson Ballroom - 3rd Floor 40 * Agenda: FHIR/PCWG - CIMI - Skin Care model meeting
* Meeting notes
Patient Care Accepted: CIMI, EC Jay Laura
Q2 Magazine - 3rd Floor 20 * Agenda: FHIR Change requests
* PHER will join PC to discuss the new OccupationalData resource
* FHIR trackers for care plan
Patient Care Declined: FHIR-I Michelle Michelle/Emma
PM lunch ?
Q3a Magazine - 3rd Floor 20 * Agenda: FHIR Admin and Change requests
* Nutrition Transitions of Care IG
*Meeting notes:
Patient Care Accepted: FHIR-I Michelle Michelle
Q3b TBD NA * Agenda: SD Hosted Joint Quarter: C-CDA Score Card; Advance Directive Templates
* Meeting notes:
SD NA Emma
Q4 Jefferson Ballroom - 3rd Floor 40 * Agenda:
* Negation
* harmonization across specification families
* other vocab topics
* Michael T to Pharmacy/BRR re medication knowledge
* Meeting notes:
Patient Care Accepted: CIMI, Vocab, Clin Genomics, SD, OO Jay Emma
Day Time   Room # Event Host Joining Chair Scribe
Jan 31
AM Q1 Magazine - 3rd Floor 20 * Agenda: FHIR Change requests - with OO representatives
  • Update on ClinicalNotes from Mon Q2 discussion with SD, FHIR-I, and PC.
  • Other areas of common interest
  • Meeting notes
Patient Care Accepted: OO Michelle Emma
Q2 Durham - 3rd Floor NA * Agenda: PA hosted joint meeting -- Episode of Care; Care Team
* Should OrganizationRole be added to CareTeam?
* Meeting notes:
PA Accepted: PC NA Michelle / Michael
PM lunch TBD
20 * Agenda: Clinician-On-FHIR Preperation meeting
* Meeting notes
Patient Care Russ Emma
Q3 Jefferson Ballroom - 3rd Floor NA * Agenda: Focus on BiologicallyDerivedProduct
  • GF#12673 How to handle HCT/TP
  • GF#12993 Please Create a NonMedicationAdministration object or an Administration object
  • GF#13047 Add DosageInstructions to Procedure
Meeting notes:
OO Accepted: PC
Invited: CQI, CDS, Pharmacy, OO, PA, FHIR-I
NA Michelle
Q3b TBD NA * Agenda: Common Clinical Registry Framework
* Meeting notes:
CIC Accepted: PC
Invited: CQI
NA Laura
Q4 Magazine - 3rd Floor 30 * Agenda: Allergy/Intolerance topic meeting. Drug list approach & Issues. Allergy resource maturity
* Meeting notes:
Patient Care Accepted: Pharmacy, Vocab Jay Michael T
Day Time   Room # Event Host Joining Chair Scribe
Feb 1
AM Q1a St James - 3rd Floor 35 Care Plan -invite FHIR, Structured Docs, Pharmacy
  • Evelyn Gallego
    • Care Plan Survey - Implementations, pilots, proposals
  • CDA
    • HL7 C-CDA 2.1 Care Plan Document Template - Lisa Nelson
    • HL7 CDA R2 Personal Advanced Care Plan Document - Lisa Nelson
    • IHE QRPH Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Plan of Care- Lisa Nelson
  • Patient Care Care Plan Project
    • HL7 Care Plan Domain Analysis Model/FHIR Harmonization - Laura Heermann/Emma Jones
    • HL7 Care Coordination Services (CCS) functional model - LH/EJ
    • Essential Information for Children with Special Healthcare Needs (Mike Padula)
    • HL7 FHIR Care Plan Resource - LH/EJ
    • Dynamic Care Planning Profile- EJ
      • Update: PlanDefinition/ActivityDefinition
    • Care Team Managment Profile - EJ
  • HL7 Clinical Oncology Treatment Plan and Summary - Jeff Brown/Gay Dolin
  • NCPDP/HL7 Pharmacist Care Plan - Shelly Spiro
  • Learning Health Systems
    • Care team project update (Russ/Laura/Emma)
  • Bidirectional Social Services Referrals
  • Others
Check the minutes ....
Patient Care Accepted: Pharmacy, LHS, SD Laura Emma
Q1b TDB NA Joint meeting with OO, CDS, PC, Templates (Note: editorial resp for V2 - Chapters 11 & 12) OO Accepted: Patient Care NA Rob H
Q2 Jackson - 3rd Floor 25 Joint meeting with SD and Templates

Proposed agenda:
Template update (Template co-chair/rep)
Template versioning;
Structured Doc/CDA update (SDWG co-chairs)
Patient Care update:
Allergy/Intolerance harmonization
Care Team (PC with LHS)
Clinical Status Value-set -

Patient Care Accepted: SD
Invited: Templates
Laura/Rob H/Jay Emma
PM lunch TBD
10 Co-Chair Admin Meeting Patient Care Michelle Michelle
Q3a St James - 3rd Floor 20 *Agenda: FHIR Change Requests related to AdverseEvent
  • GF#13302 Vocabulary issues with AdverseEvent
  • GF#13698 AdverseEvent.suspectedEntity.instance should allow CodeableConcept
  • GF#11021 Increase cardinality of substance and make certainty relation to substance, not reaction - 2016-09 core #40
  • GF#14238 AdverseEvent.suspectEntity.instance should be expanded to include the Immunization resource (Craig Newman) - also related to GF#14152
Meeting notes: - Need to invite CIMI
Patient Care Accepted: BRR, FHIR-I Michelle Michelle
Q3b TBD NA Joint meeting with CS, OO, and PC.
* Meeting notes - PC Not Needed anymore
CS Accepted: Patient Care NA NA
Q4 Norwich - 3rd Floor NA * Agenda: LHS - CareTeam DAM
  • ONC/CMS eLTSS Project
  • GF#14334 allow careteam.participant,member to reference a Practitioner role
  • GF#12509 CareTeam participant
    * Meeting notes
LHS Patient Care NA Emma
Q5 Ascot - 3rd Floor NA L-Forms demo; Simplifier demo Patient Care NA NA
Day Time   Room Event Host Joining Chair Scribe
Feb 2
AM Q1 St Charles Ballroom - 3rd Floor ClinFHIR  
Q2 St Charles Ballroom - 3rd Floor ClinFHIR        
PM Q3 St Charles Ballroom - 3rd Floor ClinFHIR        
Q4   No meeting        


Attendee List

Monday Q1

  • Chair: Michelle Miller.
  • Scribe: Michael Tan

  • Approve minutes HL7 WGM September 2017:
    • Motion: Laura Heermann Langford
    • Second: Jay Lyle
  • Approving the agenda of the current WGM. No additions and no corrections applied to the agenda.
    • Demo from Michel Rutten about the FHIR registry. Combine with L-froms on Thursday Q5. See HL7 wiki agenda.

  • DMP review: do we need to adjust the DMP?
    • Quorum: Our current DMP requires 3 persons. We still tend to keep this quorum to have enough diversity of standpoints.
    • Electronic voting: Our current DMP is identical to the standard DMP, but the section on the quorum does not seem viable, because it is difficult to calculate the 90% of a previous call or WGM.
    • 3 options:
  1. Stick to the default DMP (90% of last meeting)
  2. Stick to the standard quorum. (co-chair +3, organizing person + 3))
  3. Equal to the amount of co-chair ( 7 people).
  • Vote:
    • 2 persons for option 1
    • 4 persons for option 2
    • 2 persons for option 3.
  • Option 2 prevails. This means that PCWG will divert for the default DMP and use the same calculation the standard quorum calculation.
  • Action Item for Michael Tan to add the adjustments to DMP.

    • Wayne Kubrick has e-mailed a proposal to use Zulip as a chat platform.
    • A chat fills a need for fast moving discussions. The FHIR folks usually Zulip for this purpose. The speed of the chat is too high for normal discussion.
    • A list server discussion requires more structure and is more appropriate for a working group.
    • Most attendants prefer to stick to e-mails thru the list server. Zulip can still be used occasionally for certain events such as the Clinicians on FHIR.

  • Discussion on CIMI and the relationship with CDA.
    • The CIMI should be responsible for the content.
    • The CDA is more about infrastructure.
    • There should be a CIMI management board. CIMI would guard that a CIMI product would be consistent in CDA, FHIR or V2. This CIMI management group would resemble the FHIR management group.
    • There is a call for volunteers to join the CIMI chair. Jay is considering.
    • Amit Popat reminds the attendees of a request from Austin about the future of HL7v2. This is planned for Monday Q3. **Amit is assigned as the official representative of Patient Care WG.

Monday Q2

Brett Marquard presented an approach for modeling Notes in FHIR. After grappling with some of the content questions, the team decided that the key differentiator is structure, and that a Note is likely a chunk of text, a document, a reference to a resource, or a mixture of these. This approach defers the definition of note content, supporting a richer variety of use cases, while supporting the ability to identify notes via some classification such as the LOINC document ontology.

  • Most attendees felt this is a reasonable approach.
  • MM: also address state changes, e.g., signature
  • LM: docRef is for locating documents on servers. That could be changed.
  • KB: But it shouldn’t, because you’ll break things that already work.
  • Brett will arrange for this to be tested in the Cologne connectathon.

Alexander Henket presented an approach for recording SOAP notes as Compositions

  • There is a draft profile on Simplifier
  • Discussion ensued on whether Composition should contain text not derived from referenced resources.
  • Decision on table: allow new content in Composition or create another resource.


  • Do Condition & Linkage support requirements for Concern? Suggested it does, if Linkage supports heterogeneous resources. Others dissent.
  • Clinical Impression maturity
  • Maturity is low. PC priorities are currently focused on advancing most mature resources.

Monday Q3

Monday Q4

Tuesday Q1

  • Skin and wound CIMI model
  • DAM alignment
  • Terminologies

Tuesday Q2

Tuesday Q3

Tuesday Q4


  1. Negation
    1. capture cases well-represented
    2. usage cases needed
  2. Harmonization
    1. Does PC specify value sets, or only semantics of value sets?
    2. Is PC responsible for maintenance and harmonization of value sets?
    3. Can PC suggest FHIR use SD values, or vice versa?
    4. Should FHIR data type policy trump interoperability?
    5. Does legacy momentum count? I.e., should C-CDA have more weight than FHIR?
    6. Or realm? I.e., should FHIR have more weight than C-CDA?
    7. Should PC simply specify values in the DAM and expect SD & FHIR to conform?
    8. Or maintain concept maps for divergent value sets?
    9. Who should be in the discussion

Wednesday Q1

Wednesday Q2

Wednesday Q3

Wednesday Q4

Thursday Q1

Thursday Q2

Thursday Q3

Thursday Q4