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January 2018 WGM New Orleans; Jan 27 to Feb 8

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New Orleans WGM - Jan 2018 Patient Care WG Meeting Draft/Approved agenda:


Day Time Qtr Room # Event Host Joining Chair Scribe
Sept 10
Q4 FHIR QA Rules (co-chair, facilitators, committers) FHIR
Day Time   Room # Event Host Joining Chair Scribe
Sept 11
Q2 TBD Plenary
PM Q3 TBD Mega Report Out EHR Accepted: PC Attendees: xxx
Q4a TBD Joint Session with FHIR & OO on FHIR workflow FHIR-I Accepted: Patient Care xxx
Q4b TBD 20 Agenda - TBD
Meeting notes
N/A xxx xxx
Day Time   Room # Event Host Joining Chair Scribe
Sept 12
AM Q1 TBD 40 FHIR/PCWG - CIMI - Skin Care model meeting Patient Care Accepted: CIMI, EC Laura Emma
Q2 TBD 20 FHIR Change requests
  • GF#13743 Add AllergyIntolerance, Observation, RiskAssessment, and List to CarePlan.addresses
  • Communication trackers logged by Eric GF#13705

Nutrition Care Plan IG PSS

Patient Care Declined: FHIR-I Michelle Michelle
PM lunch ?
Q3a TBD 20 FHIR Admin, Planning, Issues, and Change requests
  • Communication trackers logged by Eric GF#13705
Patient Care Accepted: FHIR-I Michelle Michelle
Q3b TBD SD Hosted Joint Quarter: CDA Product Family -This meeting is to provide an update to all interested work groups regarding the formation of a CDA Product Family. There will be many work groups invited to participate, so send representatives only SD N/A Stephen
Q4 TBD 40 Negation + other vocab topics
Problem status value set (hierarchy of codes, such as active/relapse; inactive/remission)
Patient Care Invited: Clin Genomics
Accepted: Vocab, CIMI, EC, SD, OO, FHIR-I
Jay / Rob Emma
Day Time   Room # Event Host Joining Chair Scribe
Sept 13
AM Q1 TBD 20 FHIR Change requests - Joint with OO to discuss adding instructions to ProcedureRequest Patient Care Accepted: FHIR-I Michelle Emma
Q2 TBD N/A PA hosted joint meeting -- Episode of Care; Care Team PA Accepted: PC N/A Michelle / Stephen
PM lunch TBD
15 Clinician-On-FHIR Preperation meeting Patient Care Russ Emma
Q3 TBD 40 55 minutes - Boundaries between ProcedureRequest/Procedure vs MedicationRequest/MedicationAdministration for blood transfusions and radiation (i.e. anything with a dose, but isn't a medication)

Do we need a new resource for BiologicallyDerivedProduct? Boundaries between Specimen / Device / Medication boundaries

Related Zulip discussions:

Related trackers:

  • GF#13047 (request to add DosageInstructions to Procedure)
  • GF#12993 (request for a new Administration resource)
  • GF#8458 (request asking for a new BiologicallyDerivedProduct resource)

20 minutes -- HL7 approach to Appropriate Use Criteria [1]

Patient Care Accepted: CQI, CDS, Pharmacy, OO, FHIR-I Michelle Mike / Stephen
Q4 TBD 20 Allergy/Intolerance topic meeting. Drug list approach & Issues. Allergy resource maturity Patient Care Accepted: Pharmacy, Vocab Elaine / Jay Emma
Day Time   Room # Event Host Joining Chair Scribe
Sept 14
AM Q1a TBD 25 Care Plan -invite FHIR, Structured Docs, Pharmacy
  • HL7 C-CDA 2.1 Care Plan Document Template - Lisa Nelson
  • HL7 Care Plan Domain Analysis Model/FHIR Harmonization - Laura Heermann/EMma Jones
  • HL7 Care Coordination Services (CCS) functional model - LH/EJ
  • HL7 CDA R2 Personal Advanced Care Plan Document - Lisa Nelson
  • HL7 FHIR Care Plan Resource - LH/EJ
  • IHE PCC Dynamic Care Planning Profile- EJ
  • IHE QRPH Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Plan of Care- Lisa Nelson
  • HL7 Clinical Oncology Treatment Plan and Summary - Jeff Brown
  • NCPDP/HL7 Pharmacist Care Plan - Shelly Spiro
  • Care team members definition update (Laura/Emma)
  • Child special needs
  • GF#13743 Add AllergyIntolerance, Observation, RiskAssessment, and List to CarePlan.addresses
  • Care Plan/Care Team Implementations
Check the minutes ....
Patient Care Invited: CH
Accepted: LHS, Pharmacy, SD
Laura Emma
Q1b TDB Joint meeting with OO, CDS, PC, Templates OO Accepted: Patient Care Stephen
Q2 TBD 25 Joint meeting with SD and Templates

Proposed agenda:
CDA Value Sets with Proposed Changes (Allergy/Intolerance and others ...)

Template update (Template co-chair/rep)
Template versioning;
Structured Doc/CDA update (SDWG co-chairs)
Patient Care update:
Allergy/Intolerance harmonization
Care plan harmonization; Health Concern*
C-CDA Care Plan templates

Patient Care Invited: Templates
Accepted: SD
Stephen Emma
PM lunch TBD
10 Co-Chair Admin Meeting Patient Care Michelle Michelle
Q3a TBD 20 FHIR Change Requests - Joint with BR&R to discuss AdverseEvent / AdverseReaction
  • GF#13302 Vocabulary issues with AdverseEvent
  • GF#13698 AdverseEvent.suspectedEntity.instance should allow CodeableConcept
  • GF#11021 Increase cardinality of substance and make certainty relation to substance, not reaction - 2016-09 core #40
Patient Care Accepted: BRR, FHIR-I Michelle Michelle
Q3b TBD Joint meeting with CS, OO, and PC.
Per Hans, typically this one is very short (as it is in maintenance mode). Rest of the quarter is strictly OO. OO doesn't want to lose it from the radar, but no problem if PC declines, or puts down one representative who can check whether anything worthwhile comes up
CS Accepted: Patient Care Stephen
Q4 TBD LHS - CareTeam DAM LHS Accepted: Patient Care Stephen, Emma, Laura?
Day Time   Room Event Host Joining Chair Scribe
Sept 15
AM Q1 ClinFHIR  
Q2   ClinFHIR        
PM Q3   ClinFHIR        
Q4   No meeting