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January 12th 2010 Security Conference Call

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Security Work Group Weekly Conference Call

Meeting Information



  1. (05 min) Roll Call, Approve Security WG 1/5/2010 Minutes, & Call for Additional Agenda Items
  2. (05 min) Announcements
  3. (30 min) Working Group Meeting (WGM) Agenda
  4. (20 min) Ability to share classes between DAMs


1. Action Items:

  • Ioana/Serafina: Prioritize Security DAM ballot comments so the administrative ones fall at the bottom and the ones requiring most discussion are covered first during the ballot reconciliation sessions.

2. Resolutions: N/A

3. Announcements

  • Work Group co-chair elections are conducted in the lobby, the voter must be a member of the e-mail list. The last day for signing up for the list server is January 13(Wed. before the WGM).
  • The voting will take place either on Monday or Tuesday depending on work group. Attendants are encouraged to inquire at the time of registration. Voting closes at 5:30 pm and the results are announced during the next morning general session. Absentee votes may be submitted for those who are not able to attend on Wed. before the WGM.
  • Richard indicated that Apelon is working to define value sets to describe private information using SNOMED-CT. Tony Weida may provide standard-based terminology for substance abuse and mental health will become widely used for SAMHSA grantees projects.
  • The WGM agenda does not contain room assignments yet but the on-site guide will provide that information.

4. Updates/Discussion

WGM Agenda

  • Ballot comments will be prioritized before the WGM and we will discuss the most important comments during the joint meeting.
  • Security DAM reconciliation will continue on Thursday based on discussions on Tuesday during Security WG
  • CDA Implementation Guide reconciliation will be continued during the allocated CCBCC WG meeting.
  • A joint call with PASS on Wednesday may be used to continue the discussion.
  • Monday Q3 will be spent discussing the most important issues regarding the Security DAM and Consent Directive CDA IG . The discussion will continue during WG meeting.
  • Monday Q4 will be used to discuss reports and merged/reconciled/harmonized Privacy and Security DAM. Don indicated that this item may be discussed during the joint meeting with SOA – Wednesday Q3. The conference call participants indicated that they are available to join this discussion on Wed.
  • Monday will be spent discussion some of the new projects but it will be primarily focused on reconciliation.
  • Monday Q4 is used for ad-hoc report outs.

Ability to share classes between DAMS

  • Certain classes are common between Security and Composite Privacy DAMs, but that fact is not made clear in the Security DAM.
    • The two DAMs are supposed to be harmonized in September 2010. Right now it is not entirely clear that the Security DAM and Composite Privacy DAM are using common concepts.
    • Steve indicated that the Security DAM publication does not detail the classes and attributes documented in the Composite Privacy DAM.
    • The Composite Privacy DAM is more policy and client centric rather than focusing on the enforcement side. These two models may be harmonized through the Constraint Catalog and they will have some classes in common and some classes that are describing the Business vs. Engineering view points represented by the two models.
    • The two DAMs may have different value sets bound to a common coded concept but it is not a good idea for interoperability.
    • A time-boxed discussion of how the two models will be harmonized may be useful for Monday Q4.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:10 PM EST.

No significant decisions or motions were made.