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Jan 2007 WGM Agenda and Lunch

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agenda items

V3 Guide for Implementers

This is an action from the publications committee from the last WGM.

V2-V3 mapping

Implementation FAQ

Implementation workshops

What resources can/should the committee provide

Implementation / Early Adopter Register

What progress on cleaning this up, and getting new projects registered


Tuesday Q2

  1. Implementation workshops (10 mins)
  2. Implementation Register - progress and plans (10 mins)
  3. Implementation FAQ review (70 mins)

Tuesday Lunch

Quick update on implementation issues Three one minute soap-box slots -- please contact a co-chair to get a speaking opportunity

Tuesday Q3

  1. Implementation Guides (60 mins)
    1. Framework for document
    2. Validation tooling
    3. Reference implementations/example transformations
  2. V2-V3 mapping project (10 mins)
  3. Committee admin and wrap-up (20 mins)
    1. Review of committee charter, and relationships with other HL7 groups
    2. Planning for activity before next WGM
    3. Agenda for next WGM