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HL7 Healthcare Devices
HL7 Working Group Meetings
2016.05.09 – 2016.05.12 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

See meeting documents posted @

Thursday – Q1 May 12, 2016

Participants (15)

Stan Wiley (Dräger)

Ken Fuchs (Center for Medical Interoperability)

Masato Tanaka (Nihon Khoden)

John Rhoads (Philips)

John Garguilo (NIST)

Paul Schluter (GE)

Koichiro Matsumoto (Nihon Kohden)

Jan Wittenber (Independent consultant)

Stefan Schlichting (Dräger)

David Gregorczyk

Ewout Kramer (FHIR WG)

Björn Andersen (University of Lübeck)

Adamu Haruna (Nokia)

Arvind Jagannathan (Lantana Consulting Group)

Chris Courville (Epic)

Minutes from Q1


J. Rhoads was re-elected as a HL7 Co-Chair.

Hosting FHIR WG (HL7 HCD Project #1103)

Overview of DSTU3 release plan: targeting end of Dec. 2016; July 2016 deadline for submitting any DSTU2 defect tickets

Review DSTU2 Resources on HL7 website

Review of DEV Resources and Maturity Metric

Review of GForge tickets on DEV Resources

Plan for prototyping and FHIR Connectathon

Investigating replacement of GForge ticketing system; possible candidate is Jira. Usability comments were motivation to consider replacement.

Results of Co-Chairs Meeting (9 May 2016) – J. Rhoads/J. Garguilo

Review of TSC activities and decisions

Definition of “substantive change”

Harmonization meetings – consistency alignment of terminology across HL7 WGs

How to start an HL7 project – new version of PSS template

Steering Division Meeting – Domain Experts Section, voting on Mission and Charter Statements from the different WGs. PSS vetting.

Responsible for posting agenda 1 month in advance. Revised agendas should be posted on the Wiki page and on the meeting bulletin board



Action Items:

Conduct planning for FHIR Connectathon of DEV resources for Sep 2016: Courville, Schlichting, Rhoads, Reinhold

Supply Ewout Kramer with a list of codes to be included in FHIR for DEV: Rhoads

Follow-up with Reinhold comment on GForge: Garguilo

Confirm consistency of links on DEV wiki to align with TSC requirements: Rhoads

Thursday – Q2 May 12, 2016

Q2-Attendees (10)

Stan Wiley (Dräger)

Ken Fuchs (Center for Medical Interoperability)

Masato Tanaka (Nihon Khoden)

John Rhoads (Philips)

John Garguilo (NIST)

Paul Schluter (GE)

Stefan Schlichting

David Gregorczyk

Minutes from Q2


Dialysis Support Update (J. Wittenber)

See posted presentation

Past overview of P1073.1.3.16 in 2005

Current standardizations effort (last 90 days)

Business motivations for interoperability between dialysis machines and infusion pumps, and between dialysis machine in EHR/PHR

Dialysis Center Use Case

Informatics approach – begin with data dictionary leveraging IHE PCD infusion pump model – will use RTMMS and device profiling tools

Identification of MDS, VMD, containment tree

Now starting project in 11073 with PAR submission

Unclear if there will be a HL7 PSS or if FHIR resources are needed.

Anticipate implications to IHE PCD with the data dictionary.

Most informatics content is housed in the Dialysis host.

HL7 Organizational Topics (J. Rhoads)

SWOT Update

Specifying examples of interworking with other WGs and SDOs for devices

Facilitate harmonization relative to FHIR for stakeholders interested in DEV

Establish ties with HL7 Security WG

Leverage DEV as an incubator for emerging standardization topics within HL7

Decision-Making Principles Update

Currently use HL7 default best practices

Default quorum rule: 1 co-chair and 2 independent members

HL7 Roadmap Planning


Anesthesia WG

Future: consider consolidating project 850 and 1153



Authorization for J. Rhoads to prepare and submit updates to the SWOTother administrative WG collateral, based on input from WG discussions during this F2F meeting cycle, on behalf of the WG provided by Garguilo, seconded by Schluter: approved unanimously (7-0).

Re-adopt our existing decision-making practices, so as it is aligned with the current HL7 template provided by Garguilo, seconded by Schlichting: approved unanimously (7-0).

Identify a sub-group that has responsibility for driving FHIR adoption with HL7 DEV: Courville

Action Items


Adjourn Meeting

Motion to adjourn – offered by Wiley seconded by Garguilo. Motion passed unanimously.