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HL7 Definition

See Drug Interaction for another meaning of the word Interaction. See Interaction (new dynamic model) for detail of Interactions in the context of the new dynamic model.

A unique association between a specific Composite Message Type, a particular Trigger Event that initiates or "triggers" the transfer, and the responsibilities the receiver must execute upon receipt of the information. It is a unique, one-way transfer of information.

A single Interaction explicitly answers the questions:

  • How a system knows when to send a particular type of message;
  • What the particular message type is;
  • What the receiving system should do when receiving the message.

As the list above indicates, each Interactions is defined as a triplet involving the following elements:

  • Trigger Event - each interaction will be associated with a single trigger event. The trigger event represents the “real-world” occurrence that creates a need to exchange information. Note that a given trigger event may fire multiple interactions.
Note that the semantic context of an interaction has to be defined by a domain.
  • Composite Message Type – The set of static model definitions (wrappers and message types) that define the structures of the data that is transmitted by the interaction.
  • Receiver Responsibilities - will be defined for the target receiver of the message. The receiver responsibilities will be cast as a list of options, where-in each option consists of returning an application acknowledgement interaction back to the sender of the originating interaction and/or firing a trigger event. In some cases a receiver responsibility option may be to do nothing. It is possible that the responsibility option interaction will itself have receiver responsibilities, resulting in a prolonged conversation between sender and receiver.

See Interactions section of the v3Guide for a high level description of interactions.

SAIF-CD Definition

  • An atomic piece of information that is transmitted in one direction from an object to another.
    • One ormore interactions must exist together in the context of an operation for there to be business value as part of the information exchange.
    • A single interaction that is part of a larger operation provides no business value in isolation,for example, a query without a response
    • REF: SAIF-CD:Figure 10: BF language concepts and relationships for describing operation semantics
    • REF: SAIF-CD:Figure 28 : Shared Purpose