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Implementation Packages

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This page is related to the AID/EST/Education/Publishing project of the same name.

Project Scope

To define the contents of 'Implementation Packages' for each of the product lines that consist of:

  1. HL7 standard publications,
  2. software processable expressions thereof that can be used for Education and source code generation, as well as
  3. other related implementation tools and toolkits. The package could be made available as a ZIP, or simply be a list of URLs on a webpage, the exact deliverable is to be determined.

File:HL7 AID-Implementation Packages-v0.2.docx


  • Newbie implementers need a ‘starter kit’ – not just the standard itself. It lowers the hurdle towards implementation, which is one of the strageic initiatives.
  • Education for v2 needs an ‘implementation package’ were all the specs and tooling for v2 are in.

Effectively FHIR is an ‘implementation package’. As an example, the HL7v2 Implementation Package could consist of the HL7v2 spec (in HTML) format, v2 examples, the HAPI/nHAPI toolkits, other relevant (open source) toolkits, the v2 XML schema, the v2 database (with definition of message structures).

Specific goals for this project:

  1. Definition of the contents of the Implementation Package for HL7 version 2
  2. Definition of the contents of the Implementation Package for CDA

HL7 version 2 Implementation Package

CDA Implementation Package