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Implementation FAQ

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This currently contains a set of brainstormed points that can be turned into a FAQ for implementation. The first draft of this page was created on the fly in the committee, partly as a group learning exercise to establish that we could develop the content in this way.

The following text will be cut off into a separate page that can be retained as a record of the session, and then a new set of pages will be created to form a basis for the FAQ

Black and white TV to HDTV to black and white

Have a running system using V2, how do I justify moving to V3, esp as V2 just keeps getting better.

In v2.3.1 as a PDF -- one big document and using the find button is a great way to find what you want. This is particularly good as a single document.

How much information has to be shared with a trading partner. If the trading partner is V3 knowledgeable is it easier to do.

Implementers have to understand the RIM classes and attributes

V3 startup for implementers can be done by creating “fill the blanks” transforms.

It is

Added technical guide Added conformance profile guide Added wrapper documentation

What is the real value of the reference model in V3 – what is the life of the system – this can be a long time for strategic programs. These need to be future-proofed. Action: what does the marketing committee have on the rationale for using V3.