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==== [[ITS Meeting Minutes|ITS  meetings]] ====
==== [[ITS Meeting Minutes|ITS  meetings]] ====
====  Rio de Janeiro May 2010 Agenda (Draft)  ====
==== Monday ====
* Q1 Co-Chair position ballot, Agenda firming
* Q2 SAIF (formerly SAEAF)
* Q3-Q4 Ballot Reconciliation (ITS 2.0, RIM ITS), Committee Scope
==== Tuesday ====
* Q1 hData
** [[Image:HData HL7 review-v2.pdf|Presentation]]
* Q2 greenCDA (Joint with SD)
* Q3 DSL (uITS) ITS,
* Q4 hData continued
==== Wednesday ====
* Q1-Q2 RIM ITS (remaining ballot and Implementation experience)
* Q3-Q4 Housekeeping (prior meeting minutes, 3 year plan, charter, etc)
==== Thursday ====
* Q1-Q2 Hot Topics
*                Neutral Mapping (HL7 VMR, uITS, Green ITS) Robert Warden Document
*                Rest based query
=====  Concalls =====
* Jan 13, 2010 - no quorum (Paul Knapp)
* Jan 6, 2010 - no quorum (Paul Knapp)
* Dec 16, 2009 - no quorum (Dale Nelson, Paul Knapp, Lyssa Neal)
Todo - wiki cleanout
Meeting minutes posted
Status of WS Transport protocol ballot - postponed (Jan 2010)
===== Atlanta WGM Sep 2009 =====
* [ hData Presentation]
===== Phoenix WGM Jan 2010 =====
Tentative, for discussion
* Wed Q1 Review WGM agenda; call for nominations for new co-chair/write-ins; review current technology
* Wed Q2 SAEAF Alpha project/New ITS
* Wed Q3 SAEAF Joint meeting
* Wed Q4 SAEAF Alpha/New ITS
* Thu Q1  SAEAF Alpha/New ITS / RIMBAA joint ([[User:Rene spronk|Rene spronk]] : yes, joint with RIMBAA. See [[RIMBAA 201001 WGM Agenda]])
* Thu Q2  Ballot reconcilliation - XML ITS Struct 2.0; Datatypes 1.1; Structures 1.1 (informative), V2.XML
* Thu Q3  Continued ballot reconciliation; Rio Planning
===== Conference Calls =====
* wednesday 4pm ITS SIG calls.  Where there is no other agenda item, the ballot reconcilliation calls are recorded on the wiki page below
** [[ITS SIG Recon Calls]] (attendance and dialin details)
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20080305]]
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20080130]]
* wednesday 4pm Wednesday calls joint with INM for datatypes reconciliation
*[[ITS SIG INM TC Datatypes recon calls]]
* conference call scheduled for Mondays 12am every week
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20070806]]
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20070730]]
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20070716]]
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20070709]]
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20070702]]
* some calls with notes to be produced
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20070702]]
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20070514 agenda]]
* Cologne WGM
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20070328 agenda]] [[ITS SIG telcon 20070328 notes]] 7am eastern - next call
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20070319 agenda]] [[ITS SIG telcon 20070319 notes]] 11am eastern
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20070314 notes]] 7am eastern
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20070305 notes]] 11am eastern
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20070228 agenda]] [[ITS SIG telcon 20070228 notes]] no meeting - lack of quorum
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20070226 agenda]]
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20070219 notes]]
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20070205 agenda]]
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20070131 agenda]]
*[[ITS SIG telcon 20070124 agenda]]
===== WGMs =====
*[[ITS SIG May 2008 WGM agenda]]
*[[ITS SIG Sept 2007 WGM agenda]]
*[[ITS SIG May 2007 WGM agenda]]
*[[XML San Diego 2007 Agenda]]
==== Admin ====
==== Admin ====

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The XML SIG was renamed the ITS SIG in Jan 2007, wiki content from the XML SIG is found here.

The ITS SIG supports the HL7 mission through the development of Implementable Technology Specifications and Messaging Protocol guidelines (e.g. ebXML, Webservices, MLLP, ..) to be used when putting the HL7 information specifications to use.

Sponsoring TCs are Infrastructure and Messaging TC and Structured Documents TC

Specifications maintained by the ITS SIG

This is a first cut of the list - it needs to be updated with links to the balloted versions, and to any work in progress. I am also not convinced that it is complete. There is a list maintained in the INM section of the wiki of who is responsible for various documents INM_Work_Distribution#Implementable_Technology_Specifications_.28ITS_SIG.29

ITS SIG Projects

ITS meetings


May 2007 Ballot Preparation

September 2007 Ballot Preparation