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#Alignment between FHIR RDF and CRF efforts? (João Moreira)
#FHIR/RDF R5 issues, including list ordering and FHIR extensions.  See:
#FHIR/RDF R5 issues, including list ordering and FHIR extensions.  See:
#HL7 transitioning from MediaWiki to Confluence
#HL7 transitioning from MediaWiki to Confluence

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Weekly joint teleconference of the HL7 ITS subgroup on RDF for Semantic Interoperability and the W3C Healthcare and Life Sciences group on Clinical Observations Interoperability.

See also Work Projects

Thursday Apr 16, 2020 - 11am Boston timezone - (Apr 9 call is canceled)

Download calendar invite

NOTE: We will be using Google Hangout for remote attendees. Please test Google Hangout in advance!


  1. Alignment between FHIR RDF and CRF efforts? (João Moreira)
  2. FHIR/RDF R5 issues, including list ordering and FHIR extensions. See:
  3. HL7 transitioning from MediaWiki to Confluence

Old future agenda:

  1. FHIR profiles and EXTENDS (EricP)
  2. POSTPONED: FHIR/RDF for personal health devices (Harold and Lusha)
  3. POSTPONED: (Harold)
  4. Ontologies needed for FHIR HL7 terminologies (Harold)
    1. Issue:
    2. Playground example
  5. Draft ShEx - IPSM comparison article (Pawel)

  1. ShEx validation error of FHIR extension
  2. Draft paper on the comparison of ShExMap and IPSM techniques for translating FHIR/RDF from one RDF model to another
  3. Prioritizing remaining TODO items
    1. 1. Common use cases
      2. See also:
    2. 2. Add Harold's webinar to the "Using FHIR/RDF" section
    3. 3. List non-monotonic FHIR features
      1. ttp://
    4. 4. Resolve Joao's confusion about the two W3C specs, and decide what do do about them:
      1. >
      2. >
    5. 5. We have a "Deliverables and Editors" list, which needs to be updated:
    6. 6. And we have a github issues list, which we also need to review and update:
    7. 7. Make a list of projects using or planning to use FHIR/RDF
  4. ShEx Profiles (Eric P)
  5. Common semantics across FHIR/RDF properties (João Moreira)
  6. FHIR Linked Data Module TODOs
  7. HTTP content negotiation for FHIR RDF and OWL (Harold Solbrig)

Future agenda:

  1. FHIR/RDF questions from João Moreira (but João will be out on Mar 20)
  1. Mapping OpenEHR ADL to RDF (POSTPONED: waiting for Claude to propose a date/time)
  2. FHIR Metadata Vocabulary - fhir.ttl
  3. FHIR JSON datatypes
  4. OWL for codesystems
  5. OWL header in ttl file
  6. FHIR ontology with I2B2 (Harold Solbrig)
  7. Example of connecting FHIR/RDF to external ontology
  8. Possible to create a FHIR profile in OWL using Protege? (Gopi)
  9. ShExMap Q&A
  10. SNOMED Expressions in FHIR RDF #51 (POSTPONED until approx Jul 18)
    1. Issue 51:
    2. Discussion on zulip:
    3. Turtle example:
    4. Same example in JSON:
  11. Issues list:
  12. Review of remaining FHIR/RDF work:
  13. FHIR RDF deliverables

Approve minutes of recent meetings

Minutes have not been formally approved starting Feb 4, 2020

  1. Recent meetings
    1. Jan 02 - canceled
    2. Jan 09
    3. Jan 16
    4. Jan 23 - canceled
    5. Jan 30 - canceled
    6. Feb 04 (Sydney, Australia)
    7. Feb 13 - canceled
    8. Feb 20
    9. Feb 27
    10. Mar 05

11am ET Thursday Weekly Teleconference Details

Thursdays, 11:00am Eastern US (Boston) time zone
Google Hangout:
IRC: port 6665 channel #hcls

See also:

Work Projects

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