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''' NO TELECONFERENCE TUE Jan 12, 2016'''
''' NO TELECONFERENCE TUE Jan 12, 2016'''
[http://www.hl7.org/events/wgm012016/ HL7 Meetings in Orlando Jan 10-15]
[http://www.hl7.org/events/wgm012016/ HL7 Meetings in Orlando Jan 10-15]
# '''Orlando Agenda'''
# '''Orlando Agenda -- TELECONFERENCE DETAILS TBD'''
## Review of FHIR RDF work and Next Steps
## Review of FHIR RDF work and Next Steps

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Weekly joint teleconference of the HL7 ITS subgroup on RDF for Semantic Interoperability and the W3C Healthcare and Life Sciences group on Clinical Observations Interoperability.

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DRAFT Agenda for Wed Q1 (9-10:30am ET) 13-Jan-2016 in Orlando HL7 Meetings

NO TELECONFERENCE TUE Jan 12, 2016 HL7 Meetings in Orlando Jan 10-15

    1. Review of FHIR RDF work and Next Steps

  1. Role call and agenda
  2. Pick a scribe
  3. Approve Minutes of previous meeting
    1. Oct 20
    2. Oct 27 (no quorum)
    3. Nov 3 (no quorum)
    4. Nov 10 (no quorum)
    5. (Call canceled on Nov 17 -- too many key people out)
    6. Nov 24 (no quorum)
    7. Dec 1 (no quorum)
    8. Dec 8 (no quorum)
    9. Dec 15 (no quorum)
    10. Jan 05 (no quorum)
  4. Review of Action Items
    1. ACTION: Claude to follow up with Jean-Francoise about getting Vidal present [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2015/06/02-hcls-minutes.html#action02]
    2. ACTION: Eric to write up his and Josh's proposal for a registry of clinical terminologies [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2015/06/02-hcls-minutes.html#action03]
    3. ACTION: JohnMattison to provide example CCDA for trying with ShEx [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/12/23-hcls-minutes.html#action02]
  5. FHIR RDF and Validation/Translation Task Force NOTE TASK FORCE TIME AND DATE CHANGE: (Tuesdays 5pm Boston timezone)
    1. Webex for weekly Tue 5pm Eastern US teleconference: https://mit.webex.com/mit/j.php?MTID=m5cd1bd8bb36825b9c4b369fd664bbb62 dial-up: +1-617-324-0000 Access code: 645 777 110 Meeting password: 4257
    2. Notes from Nov 24
    3. Discuss the purpose of our FHIR ontology, and perhaps revisit our requirements
  6. Continuing on FHIR RDF Side-by-Side document - Tony Mallia

Teleconference Details for Weekly Tuesday 11am Eastern US

This is a new webex reservation effective Jan 19, 2016

Tuesdays, 11:00am Eastern US (Boston) time zone
Webex: https://mit.webex.com/mit/j.php?MTID=mc25a6300222c8e8f51a43cabd23cc981

Teleconference: +1-617-324-0000 Access code: 649 670 157
Meeting password: 4257 ("HCLS")

IRC: irc.w3.org port 6665 channel #hcls

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