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ITS Concall Minutes 20150811

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ITS Teleconference - August 11, 2015

HL7 ITS Meeting Minutes Date: 2015-08-11
Facilitator: Paul Knapp Note taker(s): Andy Stechishin
Present Name Init Affiliation
× Paul Knapp PK Knapp Consulting
× Dale Nelson DN Lantana
× Andy Stechishin AS CANA Software & Services
Brian Pech BP Kaiser-Permanente
× David Booth DB Hawaii Group
Quorum Requirements Met: Yes


  1. Role call and agenda
  2. Approve Minutes of previous meetings March 31, June 23, June 30, and August 4
  3. Announcements
  4. RDF sub-group report
  5. Co-Sponsor ArB Computable Links PSS
  6. Approve Minutes of January 2015 WGM
  7. Approve Minutes of May 2015 WGM
  8. ITS R1.1 Publishing update
  9. Review ITS FHIR Tasks
    • For discussion:
  10. Action Items
    • Publish HL7 over HTTP DSTU
      • PK provided reconciliation to JA (2014-12-09)
    • Update ITS R1.1 for publishing
      • PK will work to complete for Feb 17 (2015-02-10)
    • Update RIM Serialization for Publishing
      • Last action: PK will prepare Publication Request for July 22, 2014 teleconference
    • Review of Product Briefs
  11. Next Meeting
  12. Adjourn

Meeting called to order 2:02 PM Eastern

RDF Sub-Group

Tony Malia has made some progress but there has not been much progress on the value sets.

RDF is tentative to meet Wednesday Q1 in Atlanta

Following the report DB left the call


Motion: Approve minutes of June 23, 2015 DN/AS unanimous

June 30, 2015 minutes - no quorum, no minutes

Motion: Approve minutes of August 4, 2015 AS/DN unanimous

Co-Sponsor ArB Computable Links PSS

Motion: Approve ITS as a co-sponsor with changes to scope as edited in the document DN/AS unanimous

Meeting adjourned at 2:54 PM Eastern