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ITS Concall Minutes 20141021

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ITS Teleconference - October 21, 2014

HL7 ITS Meeting Minutes Date: 2014-10-21
Facilitator: Paul Knapp Note taker(s): Dale Nelson
Present Name Init Affiliation
× Paul Knapp PK Knapp Consulting
× Dale Nelson DN Lantana
× Harold Solbrig HS Mayo Clinic
× Charlie Mead CM Vidal
× Jeremy Carroll JC Synapse
× Mehmet Adar MA Cleveland Clinic
× Ted Lifset TL Synapse
× Tony Malia Edmunds Scientific
× Vipul Kashyap VK Pegasystems
× Claude Nanjo CN
× Armando Oliva AO FDA
× Bill Friggle BF BRIDG, RCRIM
× Boris Brodsky BB FDA
× Brian Pech BP Kaiser Permanente
× Cecil Lynch CL Accenture
× Josh Mandel JM Brigham & Womens
× David Booth DB W3C
× Rafael Richards RR VHA
Quorum Requirements Met: Yes


  1. Role call and agenda
  2. Announcements
  3. Introduction & Discussion of W3C RDF as ITS subgroup
  4. Next Meeting
  5. Adjourn

Meeting called to order 11:00 AM Pacific



Introduction & Discussion of W3C RDF as ITS subgroup

DB presented slide show

  • Semantic Interoperability
  • Islands between existing and future standards
  • RDF & OWL W3C are standards for capturing semantic and info structure

OWL build on top of RDF allowing building of ontolofies

Goal 1:Create RDF & OWL definitions of standards to interconnect and relate to each other Semantically cohesive mesh of standards

Goal 2: Act as knowledge resource for other work groups

Part of Yosemite project ???

Not another domain model. This group should be neutral toward domain models and vocabularies

PK: Opening remarks ITS Scope: things that travel on the wire: datatype, transposrts, implementation of abstract knowledge (no clinical domain such as BP, etc). We create specs used by other committees. We feel it falls within the domain. Used to be XML SIG (wuth narrow scope), which grew to WG. We are happy to sponser this same activity, intent and work of RDF seems to fit within framework.

CL: This work will probably eventually span WGs: DSS, ITS, AID, and thus deserve its own WG. Group led by Phillips in 2003-2004 was investigated.

JC: What would it mean for company to participate? Pay money? Work expectations? PK: No membership reqd to participate in calls, or attend WG meetings, simply some rate reductions. When showing up, have same voting, etc. Non-members can pay to participate in ballots, get access to standards 90 days early. Also need to be a member to be co-chair.

DB: weekly teleconference.

PK: Anyone outside of North America Charlie in Paris, Mehmet in Turkey DB: deal with time zone issues separately

Wiki - HL7 resources Mailing List - HL7 Resources Teleconference (Overlap with W3C Bridge 11 EST Tuesdays Life Sciences) San Antonio WGM

Weekly (or bi-weekly) project calls - HL7 setup. Poll on ITS list.

Motion: DB: Accept proposal to accept RDF/OWL work as discussed here.

CL: Amendment: create a scope statement that defines proposed work under ITS umbrella. Modify scope to say subgroup of ITS.

CL: This seems similar to terminfo under vocab.

DB: Edit existing charter to say subgroup of ITS PB: Scope motion to make scope statement.

Motion(amended): ITS accepts to develop a scope stmt to handle RDF within the ITS community.

David/Claude: Draft scope statement 12-0-0

Next Meeting

Next week: Address work for RDF WG

Adjourned 12:04 PM Pacific