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=ITS Teleconference - September 27, 2011=
=ITS Teleconference - September 27, 2011=

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ITS Teleconference - September 27, 2011

Present: Paul Knapp, (PK), Andy Stechishin (AS), Brian Pech (BP), Dale Nelson (DN)

Chair: PK

Scribe: AS


  1. Role call and agenda
  2. Approve Minutes of previous meeting April 12, August 16
  3. Action Item Update
  4. Adjourn

Called to order at 4:09

Approve Minutes of Previous Meetings

Minutes from April 12 cannot be found

August 16 Minutes

Motion: Approve minutes as posted AS/DN 2-0-1

Approve Minutes of WGM in San Diego

Motion: Approve minutes with change to Wednesday Q2 notes AS/BP unanimous

WGM Survey

PK had completed the survey

Update on Action Items

Working with Ilia Fortunov, all negatives from ebXML and MLLP have been removed.

  • Action: AS will contact Don Lloyd to determine next steps

Datatypes 1.1 recon package is posted

ISO 9660 will be withdrawn

  • Action: AS will complete form and send to Lynn Laakso

Structures and Guides 1.1 will be addressed over the fall

Vassil Peytchev has not reported if he can assist with Web Services

InM Abstract Transports is dependant on Wrappers, will park until January. If Wrappers produces, will pick up again. If Wrappers is much longer/larger or stalled, the portion of the Abstract will be sectioned off.

No update on R2B schemas

AS provided update on Wiki page.

MnM PSS for IR4H

Review of the PSS

Motion: Approve PSS with 2 minor updates. AS/DN 3-0-0

Action: AS apply updates and email forward.

Future Calls

Next week

  1. Review V2 XML Encoding


Call finished 4:45 Eastern