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=ITS Teleconference - June 14, 2011=
=ITS Teleconference - June 14, 2011=

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ITS Teleconference - June 14, 2011

Present: Andy Stechishin (AS), Dale Nelson (DN), Paul Knapp (PK), Gerald Beuchelt (GB)

Chair: PK

Scribe: AS


  1. Role call, agenda, and announcements
  2. Approve Minutes of previous meetings April 12, May 3
  3. Report from Steering Division Call
  4. Request for addenda to RIM ITS
  5. V2 XML ITS
    • Need to adjust lengths with 2.7 release
  6. Discussion of InM proposal to withdraw Transport Specifications
  7. Adjourn


As posted on Wiki

Called to order 4:04 Eastern

DN announced that he would not be seeking re-election when his term ends in September

Minutes of Previous Meetings

Motion: Approve May 3 minutes as posted AS/GB 2-0-1

Report from Steering Division Call

  • Approval of PSS for hData HRF
  • Some changes from last version seen
  • Issue raised about health for balloting every cycle

Request for Addenda for RIM ITS

Not discussed

InM Proposal to withdraw Transport Specification

InM is proposing to deprecate to documents that it has balloted

  • Introduction document to transports - overview document that forms a preface to the various transport specification.
    • Motion: Adopt this document as ITS' own to maintain AS/GB 3-0-0
  • Abstract Transport Specification - outlines the features are of transports and expectations of an HL7 transport. Provide overall guidance into transports and aiding in comparability.
    • Motion: ITS believes the Abstract Transportation Specification should exist and the Foundations Steering Division or TSC should determine the WG that would support this document going forward. AS/DN 3-0-0


Not discussed, postponed until next week.

Future Calls

Next week

  • Schema for R2B ITS
  • Addenda to RIM ITS
  • V2 XML ITS lengths


Call finished 4:58 Eastern