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ITS Concall Minutes 20110222

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ITS Teleconference - February 22, 2011

Called to order at 4:00 Eastern

Present: Grahame Grieve (GG), Brian Pech (BP), Paul Knapp (PK), Dale Nelson (DN), Gunther Shadow (GS), Keith Thompson (KT), Rick Geimer (RG), Norman Gregory (NG), Katherine Hosage-Norman (KHG), Peggy Leizear (PL), Mary Beth Wilusz (MBW), Terry Brunone (TB), Art Gresser (AG)

Chair: PK

Scribe: DN


  1. Role call and agenda
  2. Approve Minutes of previous meeting January 25
  3. Approve Minutes of Sydney WGM
  4. Continue ITS R1.1+ Discussion

Approve February 15 Minutes

Motion: Approve as posted (DN/BP) 11-0-0

Proposed ITS R1.1+

From last week, did we want to branch off into a 3rd branch, or something else

  • GS: We want an ITS where abstract materials can be adapted into a backwards wire-format.
    • DataTypes 1.1+ is same as informative material
    • Structures 1.1+ comes off Structures 1.1
  • PK: Structures should be .n (e.g. 1.2) would be ST 1.1 + DT 1.1
  • GG: ST doc needs to change a bit. not as simple as 1.1 + DT 1.1

Needs different decisions about backward compatibility

  • PK: 2 projects then or 1 project with multiple outcomes
    • create a new std
    • revision of a std
  • GG: not happy with project, but 2 parts in particular: compromise we thought we had was not

1) project represents commitment to a course of action going forward, but not happy to commit to a particular solution on an ongoing basis 2) we should be talking about 2B or 2backwards, etc

  • GS: Fine
  • GG: We are doing R2 with indirect conformance. Want the badging done appropriately.
  • GS: 1st point did you want to change the PSS
  • GG: PSS was a commitment to carry R1 forward (Normative compatible ITS). Solution would be carried forward. Happy with "a" project, but not as a general solution for future projects.
  • GS: Call it 2B, add transforms
  • GG: we have an ongoing responsibility to maintain backward compatibility
  • PK: thinks we would be …. struck by TSC possibly
  • GG: outcome is what we have. Happy to help with wordsmithing.
  • GG: dropped off
  • PK: GS can wordsmith. Key is under PSS Section 4C success criteria.
    • ITS R2B
    • Normative Standard ITS R2B DT
    • Transform from MIF to W3C schema as part of … (s.b. tooling decision, but we will leave in to be clear)
    • next line in - take out "+"
    • existing HL7 … (OK)
    • A continuous process … (strike)
  • GS: Agree
  • PK: PSS Section 4D project objectives - change to 2B
    • Strike "no project end date…"
    • Project Need OK, Scope needs trimming.
    • Dependencies - XML ITS R2 should not be a dep.
  • DN: strike Data Types R3
  • PK: will there be any breaking changes?
  • GS: As few as possible
  • PK: External Project Collaboration
  • KHN: Does this need to change with changes in CDA R2?
  • PK: At each change we need to reassess
  • GS: Future consideration, not currently an issue.
  • KHN: If R3 occurs what decisions will be made
  • PK: We will make those determinations at that point
  • DN: Strike all after (C32)
  • PK: 6A: Strike all after "All HL7 V3 implementors".
  • DN: 8. Use only one
  • GS: Use C.
  • GS: Title: Backwards Compatible ITS (R2B)
  • PK: Add to Project Need: HL7 implementation can more easily … until such time as the conversion to the ITS R2 is desired.
  • DN: Agree
  • PK: Project Scope wording changes discussed.

Motion: Approve PSS for ITS R2B (GS/NG) 11-0-0

  • PK: NOTE: This weekend we will be putting forth NIBs
    • ITS Structures R2B
    • ITS DT R2B
    • MLLP R1 Refresh

All normative track.

Motion: Take these NIBs forward (DN/KT) 11-0-0

  • PK: Did run by RS to reaffirm MLLP - yes good idea.

Andy to do NIBs.