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ITS Concall Minutes 20100810

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ITS Teleconference - August 10, 2010

Called to order at 4:08 Eastern

Present: Gaby Jewell (GJ), Paul Knapp (PK), Andy Stechishin (AS), Andy Gregorowicz (AG), Shahzad Zafar (SZ)

Chair: PK

Scribe: AS


  1. Role call and agenda
  2. Approve Minutes of previous meetings July 20, 2010 and August 3, 2010
  3. Neutral Mapping - TSC Update
    • Paul Knapp
  4. Schedule for Cambridge WGM
  5. Steering Division Co-Chair
  6. hData API Spec
  7. Adjourn

GJ/AG unan

Approve Previous Minutes

AS/GJ unanimous

Neutral mapping

Will contact Robert Worden to discuss next week, AS responsible


PK contacted Grahame Grieve, GG responded and will post

ITS 2.0: Lloyd McKenzie is managing and will be sending request for withdrawal of negative ballots

WGM Agenda

Need to add 3-year plan on Thursday Q2

AS to update

Steering Division Co-Chair

As provided a brief update, will send out email vote.

hData API Specification

AG described the changes from the previous version: minor edits and the agreed upon removal of Section 3 Messaging. AG also identified the updates added to the description. AS suggested adding a second sequence diagram to describe the subsidiary flow with a response to the initial submission.

Motion: Update version 12 of the hData API with 2nd diagram, distribute to the ITS list, for distribution to other co-chair as determined on a previous call AG/GJ 3-0-0

AS will push to get the documents distributed by the end of week.


4:46 pm Eastern