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INM San Antonio co-chair Schedule

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This page contains the DRAFT schedule for the co-chairs for the agenda of the San Antonio WGM. It is the companion page to the INM San Antonio Agenda published agenda. (back to Infrastructure and Messaging TC)

Ideally all chairs should scribe 4 sessions, and chair 4 sessions.

Quarter Topic Chair Scribe Not available
SAT Q1 ATS ? Rene Doug
SAT Q2 SOA Rene ? Doug
SAT Q3 MCCI ? ? Doug
SAT Q4 Out-of-cycle ? ? Doug
SUN Q1 Out-of-cycle ? ? Doug
SUN Q2 Out-of-cycle ? ? Doug
Post-meeting Activities
  • Minutes Compilation Tony
  • Action Items Followup
Quarter Topic Chair Scribe Not available
MON Q1 Meeting Overview Rene Joann Tony(tooling)
MON Q2 Shared Messages Doug Rene Tony(tooling)
MON Q3 Joint with MnM, MnM Hosting (has been confirmed) MnM MnM ?
MON Q4 HL7 v2 issues Tony Joann Rene(LabSIG)
MON Evening TSC ALL _ _
TUE Breakfast INM Breakfast Briefing 07:30+ Rene Doug ?
TUE Q1 Tranmission Infrastructure Tony Rene Joann (tutorial)
TUE Q2 Tranmission Infrastructure Tony Rene Joann (tutorial), Grahame (MnM)
  Ambassador to MnM for datatypes localization ballot Doug   Joann,Tony,Rene
TUE Q3 INM Hosts Joint INM/HSSP Services Doug Joann Rene(Tutorial)
TUE Q4 INM hosts Joint INM/Security&Accountability ? Doug Rene(Tutorial), Grahame (Board/Tooling/Templates)
WED Q1 Transports - ballot rec and proposals Doug Rene Tony(ARB) Grahame(Templates?)
WED Q2 Transports - ballot rec and proposals Grahame Doug Rene(MedRec) Tony(ARB & V3 Publishing)Joann (v3 Pubs)
WED Q3 Hosting joint Vocab meeting ? Joann Doug (tutorial)
WED Q4 Hosting joint Vocab meeting (ONE Q??) ? ? Doug (tutorial)
THU Q1 Hosting joint XML meeting Tony Grahame Rene or Joann (PIC)
THU Q2 UML ITS Rene Tony ?
THU Q3 HL7 v3 Data types Grahame Doug Joann (CTS II) Tony (V2 Publishing)
THU Q4 Hot Topics Doug Grahame Tony ( V2 Publishing )
FRI Q1/Q2 Wrap-up meeting Grahame Tony Joann not available after 10 AM
Rene Q1 only
Doug Q1 only