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INM Closed Action Items - closed latest during the September 2007 WGM

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This page contains CLOSED INM action items. Action items will be copied over from the open action items lists (INM Transmission and Transport Action Items, Other INM Action Items) upon closure of the item.


ITEM: 1071

Opened: 20060508

20060508: Create new wording in the DMP to reflect the chair can set the mode of discussion to allow for free form discussion. , Admin

  • 20060508 San Antonio WGM, Rene Spronk, new
    • 20060508 San Antonio WGM: New item. Update DMP to reflect the following: The chair can set the discussion mode: 1) formal Robert’s Rules; 2) suspend Robert’s Rules for designated period of time for free form discussion leading up to a motion; 3) suspend Robert’s Rules for designate period of time for free form discussion of a controversial topic which might or might not lead to a motion.
    • 200605020 Suggested wording reads: "In the event that the committee wishes to hold a free form discussion on a (controversial) topic, one that may, or may not, result in a motion, the INM TC shall use the following procedure: The presiding co-chair of the committee will announce a designated period of time which can be used for free form discussion of a (controversial) topic. Given the nature of free-form discussions the order of those speaking as part of the discussion won’t be enforced by the presiding co-chair. Roberts Rules will apply in all other matters of process. Motions may be made by discussion participants during or after the free form discussion."
    • 20060525 Rene: first drafts have been sent to the INM list. Minor changes have been suggested.
    • 20060822 Draft circulated on INM list, requesting feedback
  • 20060911: WGM, INM: closed, wording accepted.