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INM Closed Action Items

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This page contains action items closed between January and May 2007.

ITEM: 71 closed

Opened: 29-Sep-04 Old Item: 318 Draft procedure for agreeing to updates to 396. Will bring draft to CQ.

  • 12-Jan-05 , Stan Huff , New , vocab
    • Larson: The procedure should incorporate the decision made at the Atlanta WGM as follows: “All changes to sections for which Vocab is the steward, must be submitted to the v2 change proposal database.”
  • 04-May-05 , Stan Huff , Open , vocab
    • INM Noordwijkerhout: Stan will wridte procedure. It will include 1) submit to database ; 2) vocab reviews and makes decision taking in to account such things as redundancy, version and other policy requirements; 3) once approved is immediately valid; 4) notify INM editor Policy needs good definitions but also need to focus on operational factors.
  • 01-Jun-05 , Stan Huff , Open , vocab
    • Vocab Telcon: Discussion – Table 396 issue:-HL7 v2.x table 396 is the table of tables. One of the changes in 2.6 was to make content extensible without requiring a re-ballot. Need to document the process of how we put new entries, or update entries to table 396. Current process is to submit a V2.x proposal through the HL7 website.-Proposed solution is that every time a terminology is registered in the OID it would automatically go into Table 396 I V2.x. Vote taken and passed.-The content of tables is only available through the ballot, the document can be updated but there is no place online that you can look it up. Same problem of how to
  • 15-Sep-05 , Tony Julian , Reviewed , vocab
    • 20050914: Approved. Tony will check to see if in the substantivity guide.
  • 28-Nov-05 , Tony Julian , Reviewed , vocab
    • 20051128 Telcon - Open with Guilt!.
  • 20060510 WGM: Substantivity guide has not been updated.
  • 26-Jun-06 , Tony Julian , Reviewed , vocab
    • 20060626 Telcon - Shift guilt to ARB - ask to approve with email ballot!.
  • 20061120 Email sent to ARB, offering to update the substantivity guide to reflect above.
  • 20070110 WGM: ARB in meeting is re-writing the substantivity guide. This suggestion will be taken into account. - Recommend closure: Tony
  • 20070110 CLOSED

ITEM: 958

Opened: 26-Jul-05 Old Item: 0

MCCI - Check preface (MCCI)

  • 26-Jul-05 , Tony Julian , New , MCCI
    • 20050726: INM Telcon: Joann reported that HQ needs for us to include the previously balloted name in the preface. This document was originally balloted as a component of the Infrastructure Management document
  • 13-Sep-05 , Tony Julian , Reviewed , MCCI
    • 20050913: INM WGM San Diego: no update.
  • 28-Nov-05 , Tony Julian , Reviewed , MCCI
    • 20051128 INM Telcon: will be applied on next ballot.
    • 20050110: WGM: item will remain open as a reminder to the editor of the next release of MCCI.
  • 20060605: open until next release of MCCI
  • 20070128, CLOSED, issue moved to MCCI R2 page.

ITEM: 978

Opened: 15-Sep-05 Old Item: 0

Work to add a new batch group class to the batch transmission wrapper. (MCCI)

  • 15-Sep-05 , Penny Aitchson , Open , IM
    • 2005-09-15 SAN WGM: New action item. The new class will contain attributes such as batch ID. A new sequence number needs to be added to the current batch class as well. New dynamic models, interactions, etc. need to be documented.
  • 20060509, Penny Aitchson , Open , MCCI
    • 20060507 INM out of cycle. Batch Transmission wrapper will be tranbsformed into a minimal transmission grouper. This action items should be discussed as part of the discussion of the NHS application syncing use-case of proposal 969.
    • 20060509 INM WGM: Pending reasessment of underlying issues by NHS/BT.
  • 20060605: still in progress and being worked on
  • 20070109: close, rendered a non-issue because of decisions on the nature of the MCCI batch wrapper during the ooc meeting May 2006.

ITEM: 1008

Opened: 03-Oct-05 Old Item: 0 20051003: Post UML reconciliation package for May 2005 ballot.

  • 03-Oct-05 , Grahame Grieve , New , UML
    • Post UML reconcillation Package for May 2005 ballot
  • 20060112 PHX WGM: No change
  • 20060511 WGM: Open with extreme guilt.
  • 20060913 WGM: continued (no discussion)
  • 20070108: WGM: overwhelming guilt.
  • 20070504: WGM: DONE! and closed

ITEM: 1009

Opened: 03-Oct-05 Old Item: 0 20051003: Request withdrawal of negative votes against UML May 2005 ballot.

  • 03-Oct-05 , Grahame Grieve , New , UML
    • 20051003: INM Telcon: After Reconciliation Package is posted, need to officially request voters to withdraw negative votes by November 14.
  • 20060112 PHX WGM: No change
  • 20060511 WGM: Open with extreme guilt.
  • 20060913 WGM: continued (no discussion)
  • 20070108: WGM: overwhelming guilt.
  • 20070504: WGM: Now need to send out a note explaining what happened with the ballot and talk to Karen Van Henteryck about it.
  • 20070511: Sent the email. This item is now closed


Opened: 03-Oct-05 Old Item: 0

Get MLLP negatives withdrawn (May2005 cycle) (MLLP)

  • 03-Oct-05 , Tony Julian , New , MLLP
    • Post Reconcillation Package
  • 20051114: still open
  • 20060501: Changed from "Post reconciliation package" to "get negatives withdrawn". There are 5 open negative votes.
  • 20060605: Open with guilt
  • 20060915: Tony to check the ballot website and get votes withdrawn
  • 20070108: WGM: Tony did this - but will check on open nagetives.
  • 20070109: WGM: All negatives have been withdrawn - Recommend closure (Tony)
  • 20070109: WGM: Closed

ITEM: 1064

Opened: 20060508 Closed: 20070110

formally document updatemode/auditing methodology in the abstract DT spec.

  • 20060508, new, XML SIG, Abstract data types
  • 20060914 Part of Datatypes R2. Grahame to create wiki entry
  • 20070110 Now part of R2.

ITEM: 1068

Opened: 20060508

Document and specify values for the QueryRequestLimit vocabulary, QUQI

  • 20060509, QUQI editor, new, QUQI
    • QUQI_RM020000UV01, QueryRequestLimit: No vocab values are defined forn this unit of quantity -recommend this is reviewed. Evaluate use-case and code-set values.
  • 20060822: added to THU Q2 agenda of the Sep2006 WGM
  • 20060915: WGM discussion.
    • Add: Record (=item of interest, mostly focal act).
      1. Bytes is tricky, because of ITS dependent sizes. Is this a contract issue, or a run time issue? Courtesy request? Strawvote: 1-15-3
  • Rephrase action: create harmonization proposal to add Records to the QueryRequestLimit vocabulary.
  • 20061222, Rene, created wiki page.
  • 20070110 WGM Closed, see proposal.

ITEM: 1069

Opened: 20060508

HL7StandardVersion and humanlanguage to be discussed with Pubs, Pubs

  • 20060509, Joann, new, Pubs
    • HL7StandardVersion: no V3 codes in Vocab-applies
    • humanlanguage: no HL7 vocab or ISO recommendation – take up with Vocab. IETF x66 according to Rosetree, not a vocab issue, pubs issue.
    • 20060915: No information about progress
  • 20070108: Is on the agenda WED Q4, our joint with vocab.
  • 20070110: humanlanguage - WGM Take up with PUBS to see if this is a tooling issue.
  • 20070110: HL7StandardVersion - This has been fixed.

ITEM: 1082

Opened 20060619 Telcon

Is use of ID/IDRef model derived?

  • 20060619, Joseph Waller, new, XML ITS?
    • ask Lloyd to elaborate on how using ID/IDRef – model derived or not? and if so (or not) how does this end up in schema?.
    • 20060828, Rene: open. XML SIG has studied the use of XML ID/IDREF for use by the ITS to minimize the size of messages on the wire. Based on the outcome of that they will move the motion during teh upcoming WGM that ID/IDREF can't bse used within the ITS (because of technical implementation reasons as will be stated in the motion). Joseph's question appears to be wider in scope however, he wants to know if the samentic concept of ID/IDREF exists within the RIM, much as the concept of a mixed content datatype also exists within the abstract datatype specification.
  • See Use of ID/IDREF for details.
  • 20070110, Make it a MnM Hot Topic then close this item.
  • 20070112, Created Hot Topic.

Item: 1090

Opened 20060112

See if project scope document can be changed.

  • 20060112 Phoenix WGM; item opened as follows: Did project scope document include all 4: Abstract data types, XML structures, UML data types and XML data types?
  • 20060512 No. only includes Abstract data types, UML data types, XML data types. Grahame to see whether project proposal can be changed
  • 20060911: Larson: This is not on the Wiki. Has this been done? Is it still active?
  • 20060913: Larson: Late entry to Wiki based on InM minutes from Phoenix and San Antonio WGM.Description updated to reflect 5/12 note "See if project scope document can be changed".
  • 20060914: Still open with Guilt – need a single ITS development project (including XML structures)
  • 20070108: WGM: close this, have the ITS SIG deal with this.

Item: 1092

Opened 20060511

Need representative to the W3C WS Policy charter group

  • 20060511: San Antonio WGM: From joint InM/XML minutes Thursday Q1.
    • Paul has posted the W3C draft charter for WS-Policy. Paul thinks that HL7 should support the charter for this. HL7 should put a representative on this committee. A co-chair of the working group is Chris Ferris. Chris has some knowledge of what we are doing, but represents IBM, as chair. He thinks that HL7 should send additional people as HL7 and IBM’s needs are different. Paul talked to Chris and Kevin about finding someone.
  • 20060911: Larson: This is not on the Wiki. Has this been done? Is it still active?
  • 20060913: Larson: Late entry to Wiki based on InM minutes from San Antonio WGM; W3C
  • 20060913: Grahame to talk to Kevin Kelly about this
  • 20061002: Telcon - Tony e-mailed Grahame concerning this.
  • 20070108: WGM: Question comes up why we would need a representative. Our work is downstream from them. Close with exhaustion and reconsideration.

Item: 1096

Opened 20060511, Grahame, XML

Update the project scope to include XML Structures R2 and submit to HQ.

  • 20060511: San Antonio WGM: Added.
    • Grahame to update the project scope to include XML Structures R2 and submit to HQ. (Galen Mulrooney) to help
  • 20060912: Larson: This item is not on the Wiki. Is it still relevant?
  • 20060913: Larson: Late entry to Wiki based on InM minutes from San Antonio WGM.
    • See also item 1090. These should be merged.
  • 20061002: Telcon still open
  • 20070108: closed, ITS will deal with this.

Item: 1101

Opened 20060914, Doug Pratt, Version 2
Develop policy and procedure for reserving trigger event codes.

  • 14-Sep-06 Opened. Consider such things as where to store pending numbers, how long to hold a reservation, etc.
  • 20061002: Telcon still open
  • 20061004: Draft posted to wiki, see V2.x InM Identifier Reservations
  • 20070108: close this (with pride), done

Item: 1104

How to appoint additiona co-chairs in the new ITS SIG, procedural

  • Charlie McCay to find out how to get new co-chairs for the ITS sig.
  • 20060914: Opened
  • 20061002: Telcon still open
  • 2006-11-13 Open
  • 20070108: closed, new co-chair postition ahs been created

Item: 1105

Document that UML ITS R2 fulfills ITS acceptance citeria, UML ITS

  • Grahame Grieve & Charlie McCay to fill out a proposal with acceptance criteria and brought to a INM telecon for the new ITS work..
  • 20060914: Opened
  • 20061002: Telcon still open
  • 2006-11-13 Open
  • 20070110: Closed: This is now an action item on the ITS Sig agenda.

Item: 1106

Add project acceptance criteria to INM DMP, procedural

  • Tony Julian to document the existence of ITS acceptance criteria in the INM DMP and relate this to a more general project acceptance process (and pass to HQ for completion?)
  • 20060914: Opened
    • Rene: suggest that this be done in a generic fashion from the start (a project acceptance process), and not be project specific.
  • 20061002: Telcon still open
  • 2006-11-13 Open
  • 20070108: WGM: close, given that organziation as a whole is working on process & procedures in this area

ITEM 1117

Prioritize the action items, Administrative

  • 2006-11-13 - New. Scott Robertson assigned.
  • 20070108: closed, due to low priority of the action item

ITEM 1120

Draft Charter for ITS SIG

  • 2006-12-04 - New. Paul will work with Charlie to draft charter for ITS SIG to include XML and UML (and little, if any, emphasis on Transports). To be considered at 11 Dec 2006 InM Telcon.
  • 20070108: WGM: closed, done

ITEM 1124

Harmonize the use of Transport in documents moved to INM Transmission and Transport Action Items Item 2028

ITEM: 2016

Opened: 20060501

Fix grammar issue in MCCI R2 Preface of next ballot, related to MCCI R2 line-item 138

  • 20060501, co-chairs, new, MMCI
    • For the MCCI preface related to batches: to replace “HL7 Query” with “'HL7 queries' in general” at the earliest convenient time, if the existing wording is used in the preface of the next ballot.
    • 20060821, will remain open, without updates, until such time MCCI is published again
    • 20070128 CLOSED, moved to MCCI R2 issue list

ITEM: 2017

Opened:  20060508

Get hold of CCOW abstract specification related to HL7 Messaging Architecture [MCCI]

Assigned to: Doug, Miroslav
  • 20060508, co-chairs, new, MCCI
  • 20070109, Miroslav, has sent e-mail to CCOW co-chairs, no reply. Doug will put Miroslav in contact with Barry Royer.
  • 20070502, Closed.

ITEM: 2018

Opened: 20060509

to add wording to MCCI Preface to explain rationale for fixing acceptAckCode to ER.

  • 20060509, Rene, new, MCCI
    • 20060509: INM WGM: added after discussing this requirement (again). Documentation should be clarified to ensure that future readers will not have the same questions.
    • 20060821: will remain open, without updates, until such time as MCCI is published again.
  • 20060912: WGM INM: assign to Miroslav, incoorporate in ATS if necessary.
  • 20060912, Miroslav, open, ATS
  • 20070128, CLOSED, added as an action item on the MCCI R2 page.

ITEM: 2034

Create/update Wrapper Issues document [MCCI]

Opened:  20070110
Assigned to: Rene
    • 20070110 - San Diego WGM, InM TC Wed Q1 - New action item to create/update wiki page on MCCI R2 with latest status and related decisions.
    • Create an overview of previous decisions and motions made since publication of MCCI R1
    • 20070128 MCCI R2 done, CACT R2 has yet to be updated.
  • 20070501: closed.