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INM Boca Raton Agenda

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Draft InM Agenda for Boca Raton (Sept 2006).

  • Agenda time required for: UML ITS

Monday 11 Sept

  • Q1/Q2 Plenary (InM won't be meeting)
  • Q3 Joint with MnM, MnM Hosting
    • Methodology (Dynamic Model) vs. Communication Models
    • Methodology (e.g. Update Mode, Auditing) vs. Abstract Datatypes
  • Q4 Meeting overview & HL7 v2 issues
    • Approval of the San Antonio minutes + OOC minutes
    • Meeting Overview (time boxed, first 45 minutes)
      • Ballot/proposal overview
      • Mission statement review
      • Decision making process document
        • Formal vote on DMP changes (Ambassador clause, Free form discussion)
        • Approve ambassadors: Grahame to Java SIG, xx
      • Organizational/procedural action items
      • XML Topics status update
    • Conformance issues (time boxed, final 45 minutes)
    • Web services update

Tuesday 12 sept

  • Q1 Transmission Infrastructure
  • Q2 V2 Ballot reconciliation
    • Continuation of Q1
  • Q3 INM Hosts Joint INM/HSSP Services
  • Q4 INM hosts Joint INM/Security&Accountability
    • Transport Security Issues
    • Digital Signature, proposal 970
    • Other security issues

Wednesday 13 Sept

  • Q1 Transports
    • ebXML Status and ballot preparation
    • Removable Media ballot reconciliation
    • ATS discussion
    • Web services update
  • Q2 UML ITS
    • UML ITS
  • Q3 Hosting joint Vocab meeting
    • Use of Original Text and Translation Value
    • Updates to terminology servers (CTS II or MFI discussion)
  • Q4 Hosting joint Vocab meeting
    • Continuation of Q3
    • Action item 1063: Determine what kind/type of vocab used within the datatype specs should be subject to harmonization and/or ballot time fixing.

Thursday 14 Sept

  • Q1 Hosting joint XML meeting
  • Q2 Shared Messages and ControlAct Wrappers
  • Q3 HL7 v3 Data types
    • Abstract Data Types
    • XML ITS Data Types
  • Q4 Hot Topics
    • Walk in session, all v3 and v2 topics

Friday 15 Sept

  • Q1/Q2 Wrap-up meeting
    • HL7 v2.7 proposals (if any)
    • Java SIG update & status evaluation
    • Meeting evaluation
    • Ballot status
    • Direction of INM
    • co-Chair responsibilities
    • Agenda for next WGM