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INM Action Items

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Open Action Items - Non transport-transmission. Each item may be edited individually. New Transport item numbers are in the 2xxx range

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ITEM: 15

Opened: 24-Jan-05 Old Item: 203 For Version 2.7, add language to Chapter 2 to the effect that CQ does not express an opinion at this time on the restarting of set IDs relative to groups or message.

  • 24-Jan-05 , Tony Julian , Open , V2
    • INM WGM Orlando: Motion approved 20050506: edit needs to be done in 2.7
  • 26-Aug-05 , Tony Julian , Open , V2
    • 20050826: Larson: this item needs a proposal submitted to the v2 database and then it can be closed.
  • 28-NOV-05,Tony Julian,Reviewed,V2,20051128 This cannot be done until V2.7 is opened.
  • 2006050508 InM WGM San Antonio: Tony Julian, open
    • 20060508 InM San Antonio: Remains open
  • 2006-09-12 No change – cannot do anything until V2.7 opens for development.

ITEM: 33

Opened: 28-Jan-05 Old Item: 221

The detectedIssue CMET should be moved to the CMET domain, and not be defined locally in MCAI

  • 20050128, INM Chairs, Open
    • INM WGM Orlando: Added. When creating the next version of MCAI, the detectedIssue CMET should be moved to the CMET domain, and not be defined locally in MCAI Pharmacy has a use-case for a message that shows all controlActs(+detectedIssue) related to a single order. This can be implemented today as a shared message. If implemented as a wrapper this would require that the tools support stubs with exit points.
  • 20051105, INM Chairs, Open
    • Rene: will remain open until such time where the controlAct domains will be up for a new release.
  • 20051128, INM Chairs, Reviewed
    • No Update
  • 20060915 WGM: Michael vC: Also take relationship with ManagedIssue CMET and ReportedIssue CMET, Consent.

ITEM: 71 closed

Opened: 29-Sep-04 Old Item: 318 Draft procedure for agreeing to updates to 396. Will bring draft to CQ.

  • 12-Jan-05 , Stan Huff , New , vocab
    • Larson: The procedure should incorporate the decision made at the Atlanta WGM as follows: “All changes to sections for which Vocab is the steward, must be submitted to the v2 change proposal database.”
  • 04-May-05 , Stan Huff , Open , vocab
    • INM Noordwijkerhout: Stan will wridte procedure. It will include 1) submit to database ; 2) vocab reviews and makes decision taking in to account such things as redundancy, version and other policy requirements; 3) once approved is immediately valid; 4) notify INM editor Policy needs good definitions but also need to focus on operational factors.
  • 01-Jun-05 , Stan Huff , Open , vocab
    • Vocab Telcon: Discussion – Table 396 issue:-HL7 v2.x table 396 is the table of tables. One of the changes in 2.6 was to make content extensible without requiring a re-ballot. Need to document the process of how we put new entries, or update entries to table 396. Current process is to submit a V2.x proposal through the HL7 website.-Proposed solution is that every time a terminology is registered in the OID it would automatically go into Table 396 I V2.x. Vote taken and passed.-The content of tables is only available through the ballot, the document can be updated but there is no place online that you can look it up. Same problem of how to
  • 15-Sep-05 , Tony Julian , Reviewed , vocab
    • 20050914: Approved. Tony will check to see if in the substantivity guide.
  • 28-Nov-05 , Tony Julian , Reviewed , vocab
    • 20051128 Telcon - Open with Guilt!.
  • 20060510 WGM: Substantivity guide has not been updated.
  • 26-Jun-06 , Tony Julian , Reviewed , vocab
    • 20060626 Telcon - Shift guilt to ARB - ask to approve with email ballot!.
  • 20061120 Email sent to ARB, offering to update the substantivity guide to reflect above.
  • 20070110 WGM: ARB in meeting is re-writing the substantivity guide. This suggestion will be taken into account. - Recommend closure: Tony
  • 20070110 CLOSED

ITEM: 961

Opened: 11-Aug-05 Old Item: 0 Developing a list of basic criteria for shared messages, so that shared messages doesn’t end up being a dumping ground. Perhaps a topic in MCCI R2?

  • 11-Aug-05 , Lloyd McKenzie , Open , MCCI
    • INM requests more details. Lloyd will provide them to Tony, and we will discuss the topic in San Diego. Lloyd to start a discussion thread about “undo” on MnM list server. Rene will bring forward notification interactions shared messages. Hope to publish shared messages in January cycle. Lloyd to offer help with shared messages publication database
  • 11-Aug-05 , Lloyd McKenzie , Open , MCCI
    • Lloyd added a fifth: sending out a “broadcast” message – such as a user notification that the system is going down in 5 minutes, etc. Lloyd needs to forward this last one to INM.
  • 28-Nov-05 , Lloyd McKenzie , Reviewed , Shared Messages
    • 20051128 INM Telcon: no update.
  • 20060110, Michael van Campen, Shared Messages
    • 20060110: INM WGM: Michael van Campen will create a list of candidates to be included/excluded. Rene will assist.
    • 20060508 WGM: Open.
  • 20060915 WGM: Michael: open

ITEM: 967

Opened: 13-Sep-05 Old Item: 0 Security TC is requested to read WS security specification and provide guidance and suggestions related thereto.

  • 13-Sep-05 , Glenn Marshall , New , Security
    • 20050913 WGM: New
  • 28-Nov-05 , Glenn Marshall , New , Security
    • 20051128 INM Telcon: Doug e-mailed Glenn - We need the info Before phoenix
  • 20060110, Glenn Marshall , open , Security
    • 20060110 InM WGM Phoenix: Has been read, guidance has not yet been provided.
  • 20060110, Glenn Marshall , open , Security
    • 20060626 Telecon - Tony to send reminder.
  • 20060912 WGM – John Moehrke not present, no information available. Glenn to touch base with John on status. Continue OPEN.

ITEM: 976

Opened: 07-Oct-05 Old Item: 0 CNE/CWE 2.7

  • 14-Sep-05 , Doug Pratt , New , V2 Cp2a
    • MMS Doug Pratt/Sandy Stuart that the joint working group encourage Doug to submit the stronger text for version 2.7. 11-0-1
  • 28-Nov-05 , Doug Pratt , New , V2 Cp2a
    • 20051128 INM Telcon: Doug will submit 2.7 Proposal
  • 2006050508 InM WGM San Antonio: Doug Pratt, open
    • 20060508 InM San Antonio: Remains open

ITEM: 1008

Opened: 03-Oct-05 Old Item: 0 20051003: Post UML reconciliation package for May 2005 ballot.

  • 03-Oct-05 , Grahame Grieve , New , UML
    • Post UML reconcillation Package for May 2005 ballot
  • 20060112 PHX WGM: No change
  • 20060511 WGM: Open with extreme guilt.
  • 20060913 WGM: continued (no discussion)
  • 20070108: WGM: overwhelming guilt.

ITEM: 1009

Opened: 03-Oct-05 Old Item: 0 20051003: Request withdrawal of negative votes against UML May 2005 ballot.

  • 03-Oct-05 , Grahame Grieve , New , UML
    • 20051003: INM Telcon: After Reconciliation Package is posted, need to officially request voters to withdraw negative votes by November 14.
  • 20060112 PHX WGM: No change
  • 20060511 WGM: Open with extreme guilt.
  • 20060913 WGM: continued (no discussion)
  • 20070108: WGM: overwhelming guilt.

ITEM: 1021

Opened: 20051031

Need to add attribute-level descriptions to HMDs in MFMI Release 2. Created as part of reconciliation of MFMI R1 M1.

  • 20051031, René Spronk, open
    • Will remain open until MFMI R2 goes out for ballot again

ITEM: 1025

Opened: 20051114

Prefaces at Topic Level, Pubs issue, need to take this up with Pubs. Results from MCCI R2 C1 ballot rec. item 134.

  • 20051114, Tony Julian, open
    • Propose to pubs to have preface at the topic level, instead of just having a preface at the domain level. If one has a varied range of Topics it makes no sense to have all preface comments at the domain level.
  • 20060113 Tony Julian, open, pubs
    • 20060113 WGM pubs will consider. Supported by pharmacy.
  • 20060508 WGM San Antonio, open
    • 20060508 WGM San Antonio: Ballot item in PFG ballot. Follow the resolution of that.
  • 20060911: WGM, INM: open. PFG = Pubs facilitators guide
  • 20070108: WGM: They'll look at it. Tony to talk to pubs about it this week.

ITEM: 1029

Opened 20051129 from e-mail from Alberto Sáez Torres

In the Data Type Chapter, the components table for XTN (Extended Telecommunication Number) doesn't correspond with the text description. Page 2-239.

  • 20051129, Doug Pratt, V2
  • 20060104: J Larson. The component table and narrative are correct in v.6. There was a formating/numbering problem in v2.5. Component 5 should have been "Country", but it inadvertently got embedded in the note for compoent 4. Is this ready to be closed or should we consider noting an erratum for v2.5? Email sent to A Torres.
  • 20060710: D Pratt, take up with ARB.
  • 2006-09-12: Tony Julian to find out who maintains the errata list tomorrow am.
  • 2006-11-20: Tony Julian sent e-mail to HL7 HQ requesting information.

ITEM: 1030

Opened: 20051129

Change cardinality of MSG Data Type in v2.XML specification, discovered item, from e-mail from Alberto Sáez Torres

  • 20051129, Tony Julian, New
    • In the MSG data type description (message type, used in MSH-9) it is said that all the components (message code, message trigger, message sctructure) are required, but the schema marks all of them as optional.

So, the schema should be change from:

<xsd:complexType name="MSG">
   <xsd:element ref="MSG.1" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1"/>
   <xsd:element ref="MSG.2" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1"/>
   <xsd:element ref="MSG.3" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1"/>

To :

<xsd:complexType name="MSG">
   <xsd:element ref="MSG.1" />
   <xsd:element ref="MSG.2" />
   <xsd:element ref="MSG.3" />
  • 20051129, Tony Julian, V2
    • pending further information
  • 20051129, Alberto Sáez Torres
    • Actually, the MSG-data type is described in section 2.A.44 of Chapter 2A, Page 2-175, but the error is located in the XSD and DTD files for Version 2.5. The XSD affected file is “datatypes.xsd” and the DTD file is “datatypes.dtd”. This is the reason why I’ve CC-ed this message to the XML list.
    • (According to the MSG data type, the line from datatype.dtd): <!ENTITY % MSG "(MSG.1?,MSG.2?,MSG.3?)"> Should be changed (in my opinion) to <!ENTITY % MSG "(MSG.1,MSG.2,MSG.3)">
  • 20060508 InM WGM San Antonio: Frank Oemig, open
    • 20060508 InM San Antonio: Remains open
  • 2006-09-12 No update – Frank not present.
  • 2007-01-08 InM WGM San Diego, Mon Q4
    • discussed and agreed to the changes to both the schema and dtd.
    • question: who is the 'editor' of the schema? an XML SIG perl script against an extract of Frank's database. Frank will investigate where the correction needs to be made.
    • We need an errata for v2.5 xml and verify the correction is in place in the v2.6 xml.

ITEM: 1057

V2 Datatype CNN

  • 20051129: e-mail from Alberto Sáez Torres who wrote:

5) Page 2-138 Section 2.A.9.9. Data type CNN (composite ID number and name simplified) In this element there are some references to a data type "CNS", which in my opinion is the “CNN” data type

    • 20060109 InM WGM: Doug will examine this
  • 2006050508 InM WGM San Antonio: Doug Pratt, open
    • 20060508 InM San Antonio: Remains open
  • 2006-09-12 Open: Put typo in before published.

ITEM: 1058

20060104 Check accuracy of 3rd example for NA data type D Pratt

  • 20051129: e-mail from Alberto Sáez Torres who wrote:

6) Page 2-175 Section 2.A.45 P. Data type NA (Numeric Array)

The first component is declared as “REQUIRED” (field OPT of the components table) but in the 3º example, it’s shown as non-present (|^2^3^4~5^^^8~9^10~~17^18^19^20|))
¿This is an error in the example, the OPT or in my understanding?
  • 20060109 InM WGM: Doug will examine this
  • 2006050508 InM WGM San Antonio: Doug Pratt, open
    • 20060508 InM San Antonio: Remains open
  • 2006-09-12 Examined the NA datatype and determined that the table is wrong – the R should be an O for required in the first component. Tony will take to ARB to find out how we can publish the errata, since it is a mistake in 2.5 and 2.6.

ITEM: 1059

V2.7 Cleanup the escape sequence language Frank Oemig

  • Change the escape usage language.
  • 2006050508 InM WGM San Antonio: Tony Julian, open
    • 20060508 InM San Antonio: section 2.5.4 and section 2.14.9 need to be consistent. Note that the sub component can be omitted. Table should be re-ordered. Open.
  • 2006-09-12 Partially fixed in 2.6; need a proposal for 2.7 to fix the 3 inconsistent references.
  • 2007-01-11 Scott will ask Frank to provide proposal

ITEM: 1063

Opened: 20060508

Determine what kind/type of vocab used within the datatype specs should be subject to harmonization and/or ballot time fixing.

  • 20060508, new, Grahame, Abstract Data Types
    • There have been DT proposals (+vocab used within DT) during harmonization. Normative DT spec, methodology changes lead to new releases of DT spec. Changes to vocab may need to be more flexible (e.g. done at harmonization, be applicable to last normative spec) than structural DT changes. Only certain vocabs, e.g. compression method, UCUM units, mediatype, currency. Name part type is NOT in this category and is fixed at ballot time.

Proposal For Data Type Vocabulary Management

  • 20060913 WGM: Grahame. 3 types of domains in data type definitions. Externally maintained, Embedded in XML ITS, and “normal domains”.
    • Proposal:
      • Normal Value Sets are subject to Harmonization and will be marked as such in the Data Type standard. These are not subject to ballot review & approval.
      • XML Embedded Value Sets and Null Flavor changes are review & recommended by harmonization and subject to ballot review & acceptance before they can be used.
      • External-maintained Value Sets will be marked as such in the Data Type standard.
      • Will update language to distinguish between domain and value set.
    • Moved Jane Curry/Andy van Heusen. Discussion. Vote 14-0-5 Passed
    • OPEN until edits made to document by Grahame

ITEM: 1064

Opened: 20060508 Closed: 20070110

formally document updatemode/auditing methodology in the abstract DT spec.

  • 20060508, new, XML SIG, Abstract data types
  • 20060914 Part of Datatypes R2. Grahame to create wiki entry
  • 20070110 Now part of R2.

ITEM: 1068

Opened: 20060508

Document and specify values for the QueryRequestLimit vocabulary, QUQI

  • 20060509, QUQI editor, new, QUQI
    • QUQI_RM020000UV01, QueryRequestLimit: No vocab values are defined forn this unit of quantity -recommend this is reviewed. Evaluate use-case and code-set values.
  • 20060822: added to THU Q2 agenda of the Sep2006 WGM
  • 20060915: WGM discussion.
    • Add: Record (=item of interest, mostly focal act).
      1. Bytes is tricky, because of ITS dependent sizes. Is this a contract issue, or a run time issue? Courtesy request? Strawvote: 1-15-3
  • Rephrase action: create harmonization proposal to add Records to the QueryRequestLimit vocabulary.
  • 20061222, Rene, created wiki page.

ITEM: 1069

Opened: 20060508

HL7StandardVersion and humanlanguage to be discussed with Pubs, Pubs

  • 20060509, Joann, new, Pubs
    • HL7StandardVersion: no V3 codes in Vocab-applies
    • humanlanguage: no HL7 vocab or ISO recommendation – take up with Vocab. IETF x66 according to Rosetree, not a vocab issue, pubs issue.
    • 20060915: No information about progress
  • 20070108: Is on the agenda WED Q4, our joint with vocab.
  • 20070110: humanlanguage - WGM Take up with PUBS to see if this is a tooling issue.
  • 20070110: HL7StandardVersion - This has been fixed.

ITEM: 1072

Opened: 20060508

20060508: seek Board approval to have a formal liaison between HL7 and WS-I.

  • 20060508 San Antonio WGM, TBD, new
    • 20060508 San Antonio WGM: New item. Need to have a liaison to WS-I. This can be informal or formal. Formal liaison is a Board decision.
  • 20060511: San Antonio WGM: Motion that we recommend to the organization committee that Don be the HL7 representative to the WS-I initiative. Grahame / Rene 14-0-0. Don is from Inpriva, and active in Eclipse and IHE.
  • 20060814 InM Telcon - Grahame will approach board.
  • 20060914 open with Guilt – Grahame will talk to board
  • 20070108: WGM: Don is hassling Grahame about this. Grahame asked to talk to board about it. Didn't get a clear response. Grahame to talk to Marc McD.

ITEM: 1082

Opened 20060619 Telcon

Is use of ID/IDRef model derived?

  • 20060619, Joseph Waller, new, XML ITS?
    • ask Lloyd to elaborate on how using ID/IDRef – model derived or not? and if so (or not) how does this end up in schema?.
    • 20060828, Rene: open. XML SIG has studied the use of XML ID/IDREF for use by the ITS to minimize the size of messages on the wire. Based on the outcome of that they will move the motion during teh upcoming WGM that ID/IDREF can't bse used within the ITS (because of technical implementation reasons as will be stated in the motion). Joseph's question appears to be wider in scope however, he wants to know if the samentic concept of ID/IDREF exists within the RIM, much as the concept of a mixed content datatype also exists within the abstract datatype specification.
  • See Use of ID/IDREF for details.
  • 20070110, Make it a MnM Hot Topic then close this item.

ITEM: 1083

Opened 20060619 Telcon

ask ARB about normative interactions currently explicitly marked as examples, non implementable now being marked implementable

  • 20060619, Tony Julian, new, shared messages
    • 20060828, Rene: to add some detail: originally the shared messages domain was designated to define re-usable Message Types (payloads) but not Interactions. Interactions, Application Roles and Trigger Events were smetimes added to illustrate the use of the Message Types. The artefacts were designated (in textual form) as being "examples, non implementable". Because they were part of the ballot, their status has progressed to normative. Nowadays the Shared Messages domain also defines re-usable Interactions. We now would like to turn some of the old "Example" interactions into "real, implementable" interactions. Changing the deignation may be a substantive change.
    • 20060914 WGM: Tony Julian: E-mail sent to ARB to re-request action on this task
  • 20060915 WGM: Tony: No update, ARB is running behind.
  • 20070108: WGM: we'll be meeting week. ARB telcons tend to get cancelled.

ITEM: 1084

Opened 20060701

Ask Security and/or EHR amd/or MR/IM TC to review the Masking shared messages topic, there may be regulatory issues, wording needs to be in sync with other parts of HL7.

  • 20060701, ?, new, shared messages
    • Added as a result of shared messages ballot reconciliation.
  • 20060912 WGM – documented in ballot with shared message item.
    • If dealing with anonymization/pseudonymization, there is normative work in TC215 (passed, in resolution). Recommend deferring this discussion pending result from ISO. Addresses drugs, devices, etc in addition to people
    • Continue OPEN. Glenn will work with Canadian project to provide info on TC215 work and will report back on TC215 as information is available. Assigned item to Glenn

Item: 1089

Opened 20060911

proposal for cleaning up obsolete language in chapter 5 related to queries

  • 20060911, Scott, v2
    • New action item for Scott: proposal for cleaning up obsolete language in chapter 5 related to queries, take up with conformance. Note that queries are used in various chapters, these use query profiles as well.
  • 2007-01-11 Scott, no action to date. will work with conformance SIG, they already stated that they would like to see convergence of Conformance Profiles and Query Profiles (or at least 'alignment')

Item: 1091

Opened 20060511

reference to WS-Addressing in the profile needs to updated.

  • 20060511: San Antonio WGM: From joint InM/XML minutes Thursday Q1.
    • WS-Addressing is not [sic] a W3C specification (done). The Web services profile can now point to a full specification not a draft.
    • The reference to WS-Addressing in the profile needs to updated. (Roberto, and to review that we are conformant with the final version).
  • 20060911: Larson: This is not on the Wiki. Has this been done? Is it still active?
  • 20060913: Larson: Late entry to Wiki based on InM minutes from San Antonio WGM; Roberto R; W3C
  • 20060913: Charlie will speak to Roberto

Item: 1097

Opened 20060511, Grahame, Abstract DT

Update Abstract Data Types and post to the web site.

  • 20060511: San Antonio WGM: Added.
    • Tidy up list of issues with Abstract data types and post to the web site.
    • Make technical correction to abstract data type and XML ITS in the reference 2396 bis in tel datatype, and fix in R2 (and describe them as IRIs).
    • For CD data type, update the abstract document to make statement that cd.code is allowed to contain spaces.
    • Update ITS to say that white space is preserved in cs.code.
    • All co-occurrence constraints need to be made more clear in the abstract.
  • 20060912: Larson: This item is not on the Wiki. Is it still relevant?
  • 20060913: Larson: Late entry to Wiki based on InM minutes from San Antonio WGM.
  • 20060914 Grahame to do after the WGM with Gunther
  • 20061002: Telcon still open
  • 20070108: WGM: Grahame doesn't want to move entire text on the Wiki. Will talk to Gunther about process to start working on R2.

Item: 1099

Opened 20060915, Mark Tucker, ControlActs

research query processing variant based on "send full query again, with offset in resultset"

  • 20060915, resulted from adoption of continuationToken to support server-side stateless queries.
  • 20061002: Telcon still open - Doug will remind Mark
  • 20061003: Mark thanks Doug for the reminder - will address.

Item: 1100

Opened 20060914, Jack Harrington, Version 2.6 Ch 5
Reserve Q31 trigger event ID submit documentation.

  • 14-Sep-06 Opened. InM agrees to reserve Q31 trigger event, but needs supporting documentation from requestor (Jack)
  • 20061002: Telcon still open - Doug will follow up.
  • 20061003: Doug sent a reminder to Jack. He will try to supply the requested information by 13 October.
  • 20061004: Doug discovered Q31 already taken - will tell Jack to use Q32.
  • 20061204: Doug reminded Jack again - Jack promissed an answer in a week.
  • 2007-01-11: Doug will send final reminder to Jack.

Item: 1103

Opened 20060914, Tony Julian
Resolve use of structure code in depracated messages with ARB, version 2

  • V2.6 Ballot, Item 180: Regarding the MFR_M01, the entire set of MFQ/MFR transaction pairs were deprecated as of v2.5. We have several dilemmas. The UAC segment should not have been added. The balloter is correct that the message structure has been applied to messages with different structures. In addition to MFR_M01, there should have been MFR_M02 etc. However, this was not evident in v2.5 and earlier versions because the message structure was not explicitly delineated until the v2.6 ballot. We appear to be digging ourselves into a deeper hole by applying changes to deprecated messages.
  • 14-Sep-06 Opened. Tony to take to ARB as a huge mess. Defer to telcon until we have a response.
  • 20061002: Telcon still open - ARB did not meet.
  • 2006-11-13 Open, but may have been resolved. Scott to check with Joann.

Item: 1105

Document that UML ITS R2 fulfills ITS acceptance citeria, UML ITS

  • Grahame Grieve & Charlie McCay to fill out a proposal with acceptance criteria and brought to a INM telecon for the new ITS work..
  • 20060914: Opened
  • 20061002: Telcon still open
  • 2006-11-13 Open
  • 20070110: Closed: This is now an action item on the ITS Sig agenda.

Item: 1107

Clarify with MnM how you refer to model artifacts within the XML ITS, XML ITS

  • Charlie McCay to clarify with MnM how you refer to model artifacts within the XML ITS. (Mark suggests to write a document and propose it to MnM.)
  • 20060914: Opened
  • 20061002: Telcon still open
  • 2006-11-13 Open
  • 20070110: Still a good idea. To be transferred to ITS Sig

ITEM 1113

Take 2.6 ballot items 57 and 259 to Vocab for resolution, HL7 v2

  • Scott to take to Vocab for resolution
  • 2006-10-30 - new. Vocab call is 11/1. Proposed: Since we have no way to know if the codes are unique, do we assume that they are not unique and then need partitions identified?
  • 2006-11-01 [smr] - requested and received agenda time on vocab call on Nov 8
  • 2006-11-13 Scott waiting for response from Vocab chairs.
  • 2007-01-10 Scott will contact the chairs again, providing context

ITEM 1118

Document gap between XML Schema and ITS Capabilities, XML

  • 2006-11-13 - New. Grahame to detail those requirements of the XML and UML ITS' that cannot be represented by XML Schemas. Related to Normative XML ITS Schema INM Workitem.
  • 20070110 - still undergoing further development. To be transferred to ITS Sig

ITEM 1119

Propose an official status for XML schemas

  • 2006-11-13 - New. Grahame to contact HQ and see if there is an ANSI-defined status that conveys a level of correctness and support to implementers, but that stops short of "normative" and all of the burden that comes with it. If none exist, will propose a new status (e.g., "HL7 Sanctioned"). Related to Normative XML ITS Schema INM Workitem.
  • 20070110 - Still waiting for response - To chase up and transfer this item to ITS Sig

ITEM 1120

Draft Charter for ITS SIG

  • 2006-12-04 - New. Paul will work with Charlie to draft charter for ITS SIG to include XML and UML (and little, if any, emphasis on Transports). To be considered at 11 Dec 2006 InM Telcon.
  • 20070108: WGM: closed, done

ITEM 1122

Create Consent model for use in CcontrolAct wrappers, ControlActs

  • 2006-09-04 - Rene, New. w/ Bob Dolin, Jari Porrasmaa, create controlAct R-MIM with Consent, suggest ways to pre-adopt it. SeeConsent in Queries for details.
  • 2006-12-22 - Consent now is the responsibility of the CBCC SIG (Rob Swenson, Richard Thoreson, Max Walker), part of the Patient Care TC. The co-chairs have been informed that they have this joint workitem with INM.
  • 2006-12-22: note the link with action item #33 (detectedIssue CMET and the management thereof)
  • 2007-01-01: will be discussed during a Monday breakfast meeting with CBCC SIG, and during a Thursday quarter at the January2007 WGM.

ITEM 1123

Post ITS SIG Mission Statement ,,, Organizational

  • 2007-01-08 - Charlie McKay Charlie to post ITS SIG mission statement to WIKI, and direclty e-mail the content to Doug Pratt

ITEM 1124

Harmonize the use of Transport in documents moved to INM Transmission and Transport Action Items Item 2028

ITEM 1125

Create smart/dumb applications, vs Trigger Event document, ControlAct domains

  • Mark T/Doug
    • Create document related to “contract”/device/application role/logical receiver/ smart vs dumb applications on Wiki

ITEM 1126

v2.6 item 62 ballot item follow-up 2007-01-11 Scott to follow up with Frank O, unclear what the ballot comment is referring to.