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II WGM Agenda September 2017

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Imaging Integration WG Agenda - HL7 WGM 09/2017 San Diego


Day Quarter Event Room Notes
Sunday 10th Q1 No meeting
Q2 No meeting
Q3 No meeting
Q4 No meeting
Monday 11th Q1 No meeting
Q2 No meeting
Q3 No meeting
Q4 3:30 FHIR Infrastructure hosting II Aventine D Hosted by FHIR-I
Tuesday 12th Q1 9:00am II/WG-20: General Admin
  • Opening
  1. Call to order, introductions, welcome
  2. Review & approval of the Agenda
  3. Minutes of the previous meeting
  4. Antitrust rules
  • General Administration
    • Review PBS Metrics
    • Review Workgroup Health Metrics
    • Update of all project deadlines
    • Review items for 3 year plan - Project Index
    • Review project for STU4 activities
    • Discuss project submission for RadReport / FHIR Profile mapping
    • Co-chair election
  • FHIR-based application sync
    • discussion led by Isaac Vetter (Epic)
Q2 11:00am II/WG-20: General Admin
  • Finish administration topics from previous quarter
  • Discuss DICOM Part 20 project status and updates
  • Use of media in FHIR
Q3 1:45pm II/WG-20: FHIR Topics
  • Review Release4 Ballot Prep activities
  • Tasks requested by FHIR-I
  • HL7-DICOM mappings (i.e., Patient, Practitioner)
Q4 3:30pm II/WG-20: FHIR Topics
  • Continue FHIR topics
  • MHD-I discussion
  • DICOM thumbnails
  • Discuss retirement of ImagingManifest
Wednesday 13th Q1 9:00am II/WG-20 Palmero
Q2 11:00am Orders and Observations hosting II Studio Suite 310
Q3 1:45pm II/WG-20
  • Review FHIR-I discussion topics for the afternoon
  • WG-06 update
  • Book fall t-cons and January Schedule
Q4 3:30pm II/WG-20 hosting FHIR Infrastructure
  • Workflow update
  • Use of FHIR Media versus Attachment and other means
Thursday 14th Q1 9:00am Structured Docs hosting II Aventine E
Q2 11:00am II/WG-20 joint teleconference with WG-6 Palmero
Q3 1:45pm II/WG-20 Palmero
Q4 3:30pm No meeting
Friday 15th Q1 9:00am No meeting
Q2 11:00am No meeting
Q3 1:45pm No meeting
Q4 3:30pm No meeting


Meeting minutes are available to download at