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II WGM Agenda September 2017

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Imaging Integration WG Agenda - HL7 WGM 09/2017 San Diego


Day Quarter Event Room Notes
Sunday 10th Q1 9:00am No meeting
Q2 11:00am No meeting
Q3 1:45pm No meeting
Q4 3:30pm No meeting
Monday 11th Q1 9:00am No meeting
Q2 11:0am No meeting
Q3 1:45pm No meeting
Q4 3:30pm FHIR Infrastructure hosting II Aventine D Hosted by FHIR-I
Tuesday 12th Q1 9:00am II/WG-20: General Admin
  • Opening
  1. Call to order, introductions, welcome
  2. Review & approval of the Agenda
  3. Minutes of the previous meeting
  4. Antitrust rules
  • General Administration
    • Review PBS Metrics
    • Review Workgroup Health Metrics
    • Update of all project deadlines
    • Review items for 3 year plan - Project Index
    • Review project for STU4 activities
    • Discuss project submission for RadReport / FHIR Profile mapping
    • Co-chair election
  • FHIR-based application sync
    • discussion led by Isaac Vetter (Epic)
Q2 11:00am II/WG-20: General Admin
  • Finish administration topics from previous quarter
  • Discuss DICOM Part 20 project status and updates
  • Use of media in FHIR
Q3 1:45pm II/WG-20: FHIR Topics
  • Review Release4 Ballot Prep activities
  • Tasks requested by FHIR-I
  • HL7-DICOM mappings (i.e., Patient, Practitioner)
Q4 3:30pm II/WG-20: FHIR Topics
  • Continue FHIR topics
  • MHD-I discussion
  • DICOM thumbnails
  • Discuss retirement of ImagingManifest
Wednesday 13th Q1 9:00am II/WG-20 Palmero
Q2 11:00am Orders and Observations hosting II Studio Suite 310
Q3 1:45pm II/WG-20
  • Review FHIR-I discussion topics for the afternoon
  • WG-06 update
  • Book fall t-cons and January Schedule
Q4 3:30pm II/WG-20 hosting FHIR Infrastructure
  • Workflow update
  • Use of FHIR Media versus Attachment and other means
Thursday 14th Q1 9:00am Structured Docs hosting II Aventine E
Q2 11:00am II/WG-20 joint teleconference with WG-6 Palmero
Q3 1:45pm II/WG-20 Palmero
Q4 3:30pm No meeting
Friday 15th Q1 9:00am No meeting
Q2 11:00am No meeting
Q3 1:45pm No meeting
Q4 3:30pm No meeting


Meeting minutes are available to download at