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|Q2 11:00am
|Q2 11:00am
|'''Orders and Observations hosting II'''
|'''Orders and Observations hosting II representatives'''
|Salon 19, Würzburg
|Salon 19, Würzburg
|[ Orders and Observations agendas]
|[ Orders and Observations agendas]

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Day Quarter Event Room Topics
Monday 14th Q1 9:00am No meeting
Q2 11:0am No meeting
Q3 1:45pm No meeting
Q4 3:30pm FHIR Infrastructure hosting II Saal 14, Köln Agenda
Tuesday 15th Q0 7:30am II/WG-20 TBD

Breakfast meeting with Grahame and Josh on FHIRcast

Q1 9:00am II/WG-20 Salon 6, Siebengebirge

1. Opening

  • Call to order, introductions, and welcome.
  • Review & approval of the Agenda
  • Minutes of the previous meeting.
  • Antitrust rules.

2. General Administration

Q2 11:00am II/WG-20 Salon 6, Siebengebirge 3. Review Projects
  • Sponsor
    • Project ???: FHIR Release 4 II Objects
    • Project 1230: HL7 Endorsement of DICOM PS3.20: Imaging Reports using HL7 CDA
  • Co-sponsor
    • Project status of 1343 (Eye Care and Opthalmalogy on FHIR)
    • Project status of 1010 (Ordering service interface spec)
    • Project status of 862 (Unique Specimen Identifier Requirements)
    • Project status of 682 (Specimen CMET)

4. Review open list of tracker items

Q3 1:45pm II/WG-20 Salon 6, Siebengebirge 5. Review joint meeting agendas
  • Joint OO, Wed Q2
  • Joint FHIR-I, Wed Q4

6. Review FHIR Topics

  • Release4 Activities (e.g., action items, Ballot Prep activities)
  • Tasks requested by FHIR-I
  • Review outstanding workflow abstractions based on Lloyd's report

7. Review last WG-6 presentations and plan for June presentation

Q4 3:30pm II/WG-20 Salon 6, Siebengebirge 8. Book follow-up meetings (t-cons in summer) and September WGM for II

6. Continue FHIR Topics

Wednesday 16th Q1 9:00am II/WG-20 Salon 9, Rhein 3. Projects, continued
  • Sponsor
    • Project 1392: FHIRcast: Application Context Synchronization in FHIR
Q2 11:00am Orders and Observations hosting II representatives Salon 19, Würzburg Orders and Observations agendas
Q3 1:45pm II/WG-20 Salon 9, Rhein Wrap-up II/WG-20 topics
Q4 3:30pm II/WG-20 Salon 9, Rhein FHIR-I Agenda
Thursday 17th Q1 9:00am No meeting N/A N/A
Q2 11:00am No meeting N/A N/A
Q3 1:45pm No meeting N/A N/A
Q4 3:30pm No meeting N/A N/A
Friday 18th Q1 9:00am No meeting N/A N/A
Q2 11:00am No meeting N/A N/A
Q3 1:45pm No meeting N/A N/A
Q4 3:30pm No meeting N/A N/A