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II WGM Agenda May 2016

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Imaging Integration WG Agenda - HL7 WGM 05/2016 Montreal


Day Quarter Event Room Notes
Sunday Q1
Monday Q1 No meeting
Q2 No meeting
Q3 FHIR Infrastructure hosting OO/II/etc.
  • FHIR workflow
Salon 6&7 Hosted by FHIR
Q4 FHIR Infrastructure hosting OO/II/etc.
  • FHIR workflow
Salon 6&7 Hosted by FHIR
Tuesday Q1 No meeting (PA hosting FHIR-I will be discussing the new Endpoint resource which we might consider using. Salon 3.)
  • Review of Minutes
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Review workgroup health metrics
    • confirm Mission and Charter reviewed
    • update of all project deadlines
    • submit items for 3 year plan
    • closure of HL7 comments on DICOM Suppl 155.
  • HL7 V2.x Topics
  • DICOM Change Proposals related to HL7
    • Add Identical Document Sequence to Encapsulated Documents
  • Moving forward on PS 3.20 ballot (Art Décor)
  • Planning upcoming sessions discussion
Salon Frechette
Q3 II Salon Frechette Presentation by Fred Behlen
Q4 Healthcare Standards Integration (HSI)
  • HL7-IHE Liaison

(members of IIWG welcome)

Salon Drummond West
Wednesday Q1 II
  • FHIR Resources/Profiles
    • ImagingObjectSelection and IHE MHD-I
Salon Frechette
Q2 OO hosting II/AP/CG/BRIDG
  • Information Sharing on Recent WG Activities
Sal De Bal East
  • FHIR Resources/Profiles
    • ImagingStudy, ImagingExcerpt, ...
  • Profiling
    • Rad Reports (DiagnosticReport)
    • Other
Salon Frechette
Q4 II hosting FHIR Infrastructure
  • FHIR Resources/Profiles
  • build errors
  • STU3 plan
  • ...
Salon 8
Thursday Q1 II hosting DICOM WG27
  • DICOMweb

Structured Documents (II Representatives)

  • HL7 endorsement of PS3.20
  • C-CDA Roadmap - to incorporate PS3.20?
  • DiagnosticReport profiling for MRRT/RadReport
II (Salon Frechette)

SD (Salon Drummond West)

Q2 II hosting DICOM WG27
  • Planning for Summer '16
  • DICOMweb
Salon Frechette
Q3 II hosting DICOM WG27
  • DICOMweb

BRIDG (II Representatives)

  • Imaging-Related Information for Clinical Research
Salon Frechette

BRIDG (Salon Musset)

Q4 II hosting DICOM WG27
  • DICOMweb
Salon Frechette
Friday Q1 No meeting
Q2 No meeting
Q3 No meeting
Q4 No meeting


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