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*Regular teleconferences - day/time
*Regular teleconferences - day/time
Implementation Conformance Work Group
Teleconference October 25, 2010 – 4:00pm – 4:45pm Eastern
Implementation Conformance Meeting Minutes
Location: Teleconference Date: 2010-10-25
Time: 4:00 – 4:45pm Eastern
Facilitator Melva Peters Note taker(s) Melva Peters
Attendee Name Email Affiliation
Frank Oemig
HL7 Germany
Melva Peters
HL7 Canada
Wendy Huang
Canada Health Infoway
Patrick Loyd
Gordon Point Informatics
Quorum Requirements Met: (yes/No)
Yes. Quorum achieved as defined in the Work Group Decision Making Practices – 3 members plus the Co-Chair
Agenda Topics
# Key Description Presenter Action Needed Time
Call to Order 16:00
1 Discussion of Co-Chair election Melva
2 Review of Minutes from Cambridge Melva
3 Planning for Sydney and Joint meetings Melva
4 Review of Projects Melva
5 Teleconference Date/time Melva
Adjournment 16:45
1. Co-Chair Election
Jane Gilbert has withdrawn her name as a nominee for IC Co-Chair.  Wendy Huang has agreed to assume the position of IC Co-Chair.
• Contact Jane to confirm that she has notified HQ of her decision - Melva
• Withdraw the motion for adding a 5th co-chair position and will close the electronic vote – Melva
• Email to IC list serve declaring Wendy as the new co-chair and thank you to Jane – Melva
2. Minutes from Cambridge
The draft minutes have been completed and are posted on the IC page.
Action list will be pulled out of minutes (last few sets) and an action log will be created on the wiki.  We will track action items and their status.
• Create Wiki page for action log and include actions for previous minutes – Wendy
• Review list to ensure complete – IC members
• We will review the list on the next teleconference.
3. Planning for Sydney
Joint meetings have been requested with Structured Documents (Monday Q3) and ArB (Tuesday Q2).  Melva emailed Tooling and ITS about a joint meeting based on the draft agenda, but it should have been just for Tooling. 
• Contact ITS to remove joint meeting request - Melva
• Contact Tooling to confirm joint meeting - Frank
• Meeting with TSC – on the agenda, but this has typically been an informal meeting for information only.  Leave it on the agenda, but we could use the time to work on ECCF project (depending on meeting outcome with ArB)
• Update draft agenda - Melva
4. Project Review
The list of projects on the Wiki was reviewed.  We need to turn some of these into project scope statements.
• Follow-up with Jason – DSTU toolkit
• Patrick indicated that each item in our 3-year plan should be in Project Insight. It should include anything that is being worked on.
• We need to revisit our 3 year plan – add to agenda for next teleconference
• Circulate our list of current projects and get a status for each - Frank
• Determine next steps – start on next teleconference
• Wendy will forward list of relevant vocab topics to Frank
5. Teleconferences
IC teleconferences have been schedule for every second Monday from 4-5pm Eastern.
• Next teleconference is Monday, November 8th at 4pm Eastern.
Meeting Outcomes
• Contact Karen at HQ – Co-Chair election - Melva
• Close electronic vote and withdraw motion - Melva
• Create action log on Wiki – Wendy
• Confirm SD Joint meeting – Melva
• Contact Tooling about possible joint meeting – Frank
• Contact ITS – remove request for joint meeting – Melva
• Update draft agenda - Melva
• Circulate list of current projects and request status – Frank
• Send list of vocab topics to Frank - Wendy
Next Meeting / Preliminary Agenda Items
• Review action log on Wiki
• Review draft agenda for Sydney
• Review 3 year plan and current list of projects to determine next steps
Supporting Documents
Cambridge Minutes
List of Projects

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  • Co-Chair election results
  • Review minutes from Cambridge
  • Planning for Sydney
  • Joint meetings
  • ArB
  • Vocab
  • SCWG
  • TSC
  • Review projects underway -
  • Review new projects (ECCF, etc)
  • Regular teleconferences - day/time