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ICTC concall 20071101

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Thursday 1st November

12:30 AM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)
Please consult for your local times
Phone Number: 702-894-2444
Participant Passcode: 64484340 

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  • Approve the Agenda
  • Wiki Web Page and where to find the old stuff (for impl and conf teams)
  • impl and conf lists merging
  • proposals on usage and cardinality for the V2 conformance section
  • updated on implementation guide survey
  • vocabulary implemenation focus meeting
  • implementation case studies for the WGMs
  • case studies (more generally)

Notes from Call


Jenni Puyenbroek, Rob Snellick, Glenn Gebasd, Sarah Ryan, Charlie McCay, Mead Walker


  • Agenda was approved
  • Wiki Web Page and where to find the old stuff (for impl and conf teams):
The old HL7 web pages can be found under the disabled groups in the TC and SIG disabled group section of the left-hand navigation bar
HL7 Implementation/Conformance Technical Committee (current) page
HL7 Implementation Committee (old) page
HL7 Conformance SIG (old) page
We don't have a documents page on the new impl page. The Wiki is more up to date for impl. Let's move to the Wiki as the source of truth and then migrate from there.
Action items: Jenni will be responsible for the conf content and Charlie will be responsible for the impl content. Jenni to ask HL7 HQ to put a note/link on the HL7 web site to point to the Wiki.
  • impl and conf lists merging: We will keep the impl list, copy the conf enrollees to impl, conf list archives will be avialable but no new messages. Hasn't happened yet.
Action item: Charley will discuss with Wilfred
  • proposals on usage and cardinality for the V2 conformance section: Rob discussed. Building testing tools and other tools. Finding it very difficult; not clear. Discussed validation rules with Pete Rontey. What does it mean to be conformant? Jenni mentioned that there are some rules. We could identify all the cases that are troublesome. The gist of the problem: it is not going to be remedied. The underlying problem is that the usage does talk about behavior. The only way to evaluate the usage rules is to look at the content. There are 3 different concepts: sending system, message content, receiving system (behavior). The problem with talking about a conformant impementation. Is it by looking at the message content? If only that, need rules about message content. As we take this product forward, what about other products. Take away some confusion? Those are things we can put into the conformance profile. Cardinality is defined in terms of repetitions. How do we move forward? Can some things be separated or too dependent on each other. Might be able to separate the behavor items. Charlie recommended a way of dealing with low hanging fruit - guidance that can be written in the implemenation guide (asking the questions, what to do with the answers). Tabled for next week
  • updated on implementation guide survey: Sent a note to Lisa and Charlie. Lost Keith Boone and Patrick Lloyd as helpers on this project. Looking for folks for collaboration. Was going to contact some acedemics for help. Looking for guidance from co-chairs if there are any other resources. Patrick said there is a remote possibility - but defintely not as much. Per Charley, we should think about the business purpose of this project. Broad scope: Who is doing what and how. Reviewing implementation guides and define best practices. Those that are that looking to write implementation guide have the most to invest in this. Sarah to send an e-mail to ask for volunteers
  • vocabulary implemenation focus meeting: Putting announcement out to ask for volunteers for Wednesday joint session at the Jan WGM. Progress is being made, albeit slowly.
  • implementation case studies for the WGMs: Got an agreement with Canada for implementation project. On the Wiki
  • case studies (more generally): Asked by HQ to contribute to a case studies on the web site. WebEx sessions? One that Mark Shafarman did around the world.