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ICTC SWOT-Analysis

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SWOT Analysis: Reviewed May 18, 2011 Status: No modifications necessary

This analysis is requested by the TSC. It requires input from the group members. Hence, ICWG members are invited and should feel free to add information.

The SWOT analysis should enumerate points/arguments assorted to the following topics:


  • People want guidance on implementation and conformance
  • We have qualified team members


  • Limited resouces to support domain work groups conformance initiatives
  • Unwareness in other groups
  • low feedback on open work items
  • inconsistent attendance at t-cons resulting in low interest


  • Define and operationalize the role of a conformance facilitators (approach Project Services, through Project Scope Statements)
  • ICWG = central group to collect information from real projects
  • SAIF (ECCF) initiative and SOA are new paradigms requiring new conformance guidance
  • Enhance guidance for v2.x
  • Creating guidance for v2.x and V3
    • Example of conformance profile for V3
  • Vocabulary conformance guidance


  • waste of resources and inconsistent strategy in work packages
  • lack of awareness of other groups (working on conformance specifications without notice)
    • other committees do "their work" without any notification
    • other committees do work, that should be done by ICWG


  • Create alignment between v2 and V3 conformance
    • Same terminology in v2 and v3
  • an FAQ for implementors (website)
  • Get more people involved in the ICWG
  • engage with other groups like SD and SOA
  • clarify with TSC about our mission and responsibilities