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This page documents a [[:category:Pending FHIR IG Proposal|Pending]] [[:category:FHIR IG Proposal|FHIR IG Proposal]]
[[Category:FHIR IG Proposal]]
[[Category:Pending FHIR IG Proposal]]
<!-- For additional guidance on considerations for resource creation, refer to [[FHIR IG Considerations]] -->
<!-- Resource names should meet the following characteristics:
* Title Case
* U.S. English
* Domain-friendly
* Short
* Clear
* Unique
* Avoid non-universal abbreviations (e.g. URL would be ok)
* Be consistent with other similar IGs
==Owning work group name==
<!-- The name of the committee that is proposed to have responsibility for developing and maintaining the IG. -->
==Committee Approval Date:==
<i>Please enter the date that the committee approved this IGproposal</i>
==Publishing Lead==
<!--Name and email of the primary contact for the FMG with respect to publishing for this IG?-->
==Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups==
<!-- Additional work groups that may have an interest in contributing to, or reviewing  the content of the IG (optional) -->
* Work Group Name
* or link
* or "None"
==FHIR Development Project Insight ID==
<!-- Please specify the id of your work group’s PSS for doing FHIR work that covers the development and maintenance of this IG.  (If submitted but not yet approved, just write “pending”.) The link to the PSS template can be found here: http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/download/docmanfileversion/6832/9398/HL7FHIR_DSTUballotPSS-20120529.doc -->
==Scope of coverage==
<!-- Define the full scope of coverage for the IG.  **(NOT the project - Do NOT copy from the PSS)**  The scope must be clearly delineated such that it does not overlap with any other existing or expected HL7 Int'l-maintained IG.  The scope will be used to govern "what is the set of potential applications to consider when evaluating what elements are 'core' – i.e. in the 80%".  Essentially, set the boundaries that would determine whether new content brought to HL7 should fall within the scope of your IG or somewhere else.  This should be 1 paragraph max.
Scope should consider numerous aspects of breadth of scope, including:
* Subject: Human vs. non-human vs. non-patient (e.g. lab bench medicine)
* Disciplines: Environmental Health, Palliative, Respiratory, Psychology, Maternity, Clinical Research
* Delivery environment (Community, Geriatric, Home care, Emergency, Inpatient, Intensive, Neonatal, Pediatric, Primary)
* Locale: Country, region
==Content location==
<!-- What is the path within the HL7 github repository (i.e. https://github.com/HL7/xxx) or what is the Simplifier project name? -->
==Proposed IG realm and code==
<!-- What is the realm code (2-character country code or 'uv') and IG code to use for the path when the IG is published under http://hl7.org/fhir?  E.g. us/ccda -->
==Maintenance Plan==
<!-- What commitment does the WG have to maintaining this IG as the FHIR core specification continues to evolve - particularly if the initial project sponsors are no longer providing resources.  I.e. Who will be maintaining this IG content 5 years after it's published? -->
==Short Description==
<!-- 1-2 sentences describing the purpose/scope of the IG for inclusion in the registry- this is the sentence that will be used here: http://www.fhir.org/guides/registry.  This must describe the IG from the perspective of an implementer scanning a registry, it should not talk about the project and should NOT be copied from the PSS. -->
==Long Description==
<!-- 1-2 paragraphs describing the purpose/scope of the IG in more detail for inclusion in the version history - this is content that will be used in your IG's equivalent of this: http://www.hl7.org/fhir/us/core/history.cfml.  Again, this must describe the IG from the perspective of an implementer scanning a registry, it should not talk about the project and should NOT be copied from the PSS. -->
==Involved parties==
<!-- 1 paragraph describing who is sponsoring or involved in creating the IG **for inclusion in the version history**.  Don't copy from the PSS - think about the specific language you want to appear in the registry. -->
==Expected implementations==
<!--Provide named implementations if possible - ideally provide multiple independent implementations. -->
==Content sources==
<!-- List all of the specifications (beyond those in the "standard" (FHIR_Design_Requirements_Sources) list of source specifications) that you’re planning to consult
Are there any source specifications that you wish to consult but are concerned about access to or expertise to consider? -->
==Example Scenarios==
<!-- Provide a listing of the types of scenarios to be represented in the examples produced for this IG.  They should demonstrate the full scope of the IG and allow exercising of the IG's capabilities (all profiles, different types of applications, etc.) -->
==IG Relationships==
<!-- Are there any IGs this resource depends on or that depend on this IG? -->
<!-- Indicate the target date for having the IGcomplete from a committee perspective and ready for vetting and voting -->
==When IG Proposal Is Complete==
'''When you have completed your proposal, please send an email to [mailto:FMGcontact@HL7.org FMGcontact@HL7.org]'''
==FMG Notes==

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